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Stop Enjoying Your Break and Start Posting God Dammit

Look ladies, get freegin’ posting. I’m in Ireland and I can’t be writing two blogs at once, lest I blog my bleedin’ brains out. And you, readers, please submit ideas for posts. I take requests for posts, and for songs that don’t suck. Send them to me here.

So here I am in Ireland again, for the third January in a row. I heard it was something like -7 degrees Celsius in New York today, so I’ll take grey sheep-scented air over that anyday. Jon is looking over my shoulder, as I type this very moment. We’ll have to save the “plan” for “later”.



January 1, 2009 at 4:36 pm 5 comments

Ian Wright

No, not the famous British soccer player! I’m talking about traveller Ian Wright of the hit show Globe Trekker, from which he has won 3 U.S. Cable Ace Awards forĀ Best Magazine Host, the amused admiration of an entire backpacking generation, and lastly, my eternal and unquenchable love for his universal wit and charm. By far the most interesting of hosts on the show, Ian is the most personable travel host you’ll ever watch. His self-deprecating humor closes cultural gaps with miraculous ease, and his ability to communicate with different people from around the world by just using his hands is an art in itself.

Oh the things his hands could do...


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So it seems like summer should be a care-free time to lay in the sun, hit amusement parks, and swim at the beach. Or that’s how I remember it, as a kid with nothing to do during that break from school and no financial worries or responsibilities (or even knowledge of what the word “financial” meant.) But now we’re all grown up, and “summer = freedom” does not compute, because summer is expensive as shit, and here are some reasons why.

1) Air conditioning. Yeah, energy prices are up, up, up, but I’m not going to talk about this or dwell on it because it’s as boring as it is depressing. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it, unless you want to sit in your apartment with a palm leaf, fanning yourself and still sweating like a pig. I’m dreading my Con Ed bill like that pelvic exam I still have not scheduled.

2) Laundry. Washing clothes in Manhattan ain’t cheap, since almost no one has their own washer and dryer (shut up Olivia.) It’s hot as hell outside, and that means, more sweating. And I may be broke, but not broke enough to walk around smelling like a stanky pit. I refuse to wear a shirt more than once after I’ve sweated in it, that’s just a rule. Pit stains are never in fashion, right Carrie and Miranda?!

3) Waxing/Shaving. Summer’s warm weather means more skin ladies, and shaving a lot more often than we did in winter (costly because you have to buy shaving gel/cream, and blades, which are kind of expensive). And this is the time of year to say hello to waxing, anything and everything, that might ever possibly become visible in a bikini. Adventurous gals may also be dropping cash on some exciting Betty pube dye. (Almost as scary as that Con Ed bill.)


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