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Googly-Eyes: A Retrospective

As our site gets older and older, I feel it is important to mark our (roughly) 9 month anniversary since we started the site. 9 months, people! And so, in celebration of our awesomeness, I give you a gallery of films that include all of our lovely ladies, created by the very same ones as well:

neekaps & bettytron for Animal Collective’s “Leaf House” by parkrangerolivia

bettytron in White Stripe’s Blue Orchid by neekaps

neekaps, parkrangerolivia, and alisaurus in Electric Six’s Radio GaGa by bettytron

alisaurus in Sleater Kinney’s Youth Decay by alisaurus

As you can see, we like to work together.

Other notable mentions include:

Oppenheimer – “Stephen McCauley For President”

Modest Mouse – A Different City

Motion City Soundtrack – Perfect Teeth

Nelly Furtado – Glow


November 12, 2008 at 7:34 pm 3 comments

I Love You Sarah Jane

Definitely the best short I’ve seen in a long time, this oscar-nominated film makes the apocalypse look like a hilarious coming-of -age event:


November 6, 2008 at 2:21 am 2 comments

Sharing Some Sights and Sounds

Isn’t it sometimes embarrassing to revisit what you created in Sight & Sound Film class?

Everyone thought they were such “auteurs”– not me!!! Although, I did create the soundtrack to the fisherman all on my own!

This is just bad, semi-good looking retardedness.

I remember my crew never helping me so I’d shoot mine alone.

Such stress over such stupidity!

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