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Talking Sex With Mom & Dad

Yes, I know this is a show on MTV. Yes I think it’s horrifying (especially since the title of the show is just, “Sex With Mom & Dad” to increase shock/gross factor.)

Anyway, for Christmas this past year I gave my Dad Superbad on DVD, because I thought it was really funny and he’d enjoy it. I thought my Mom was mature enough to enjoy it too, but she described it to me as being “disgusting, crude,” blah blah blah and seemed to get all offended by the excessive boner talk in the beginning especially. What a bummer.



April 13, 2009 at 10:30 pm 4 comments

Betty Might Not Like This

Today I was in Duane Reade, where I spend most of my disposable time, and came across an interesting product in the haircare aisle. Actually, this was not the first time I had noticed this product, but it was the first time I thought something should be said about it. And lo and behold, I return home to see that Olivia has made a post in a similar topic – bizarre sexual novelty products. Well here it is:

Betty! Color for “hair down there”! Hm. Well. If there’s a more unnecessary and pointless beauty product out there, I haven’t seen it, and so was not surprised to see that it was on sale in the DR.


April 29, 2008 at 8:58 pm 8 comments

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