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A Very Googly Gift

I Love Remixes. Because ILR, I’ve scoured the internet for the best of the bootlegged best. I know remixes/mash ups may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s the coolest part about them: you can do it for any genre. So no excuses for hatin’, people! In no way do these loopy covers best their originals, but some have the great ability to give your fave song a different point of view. (more…)


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Thom Yorke


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Did You Hear?

It’s time to start being nostalgic for the 90s! We’re approaching the twenty year mark, and we’ve already witnessed an awkward revival of high-waisted pants late last year. Worse than that, though, is the impending wave of plaid-patterned outfits, OH GOD ALL THE PLAID. Soon we’ll be wearing knee-length Bea Arthur vests, hot-rolling our hair, and stocking up on Sun-In. The future of our past looks pretty grim, guys.

Is this really what you want?


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