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I’m back from the little/big island of Cuba. What to say? It’s so hard to explain the absurdity of a falsely communist state. Cuba’s decaying government is riddled with hypocrisy/poor man socialism, and to top it off, its citizens are not granted the right to express themselves. For an American youth to understand this sad mixture of unrelenting stupidity and faux-Marxist values, I can only sum it up by saying:

“Cuba, is, like, totally gay.”



June 24, 2009 at 2:15 pm 2 comments

Kal Penn

8000 Sunset

Kal Penn: actor, comedian, and Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. HOT. Don’t be fooled by his credits in films like Harold and Kumar, Epic Movie, and Van Wilder 2. This politically minded entertainer had his character in TV show “House” commit suicide just to join the administration. Now if that isn’t the epitome of skeetable virtue I don’t know what is!


May 8, 2009 at 11:55 am 3 comments

December In Detroit

People wait in a several block line to receive gifts of food, personal care, household items and toys at the A Miracle in Motown event, part of the nationwide program to help working poor and disadvantaged families December 18, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. About 5,000 families are expected to receive enough food at the event to supplement meals for a family of four for a week. A Miracle in Motown is sponsored by The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) along with Feed The Children, Great Redeemer Christian Church and The Bing Group. An estimated one in three Detroiters lives in poverty, making the city the poorest large city in America. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

via Gawker

This breaks my heart, but it’s also amazing that people have donated 60,000 meals worth of food.  I am absolutely convinced that empathy is the most important quality people can have if we’re going to weather this economy, so journalism like this is vital.  Screw Newsweek and their “luxury shame” or the Times and their articles about *gasp* shopping at K-Mart, just like the poors!  We’re all in this together, and the more we can remind ourselves of that, the sooner we’ll be back on our feet and buying Xboxes for Christmas without having to skip a rent payment.

December 18, 2008 at 7:30 pm 2 comments


And with those celebratory words, I give you Sarah Palin’s most recent, turkey filled interview:

If you don’t want to see what happens to your thanksgiving turkey, then don’t look behind the governor’s face. Enjoy!

November 27, 2008 at 12:55 pm 1 comment

Skeet of the Week: Breakdown Criteria

As many of our devoted readers have noticed, every friday (roughly), we post a picture of a man (or woman!) whom we think is not only attractive, but an upright model for all of our googly-eyed values and ideas.

A skeet of the week espouses characteristics of, but not limited to:

Creativity, first and foremost
Raw and unadulterated talent
Small modicum of taste required to avoid paparazzi/Lack of tabloid exposure
Amiability: not only would you want to sleep with this person, but you would want to talk to them afterwards!
And last, but not least, a really cute smile!

And so, with those guidelines so fastidiously placed, I bring to you possibly one of the biggest skeets of all, a skeet that has the ability to change the course of a nation’s future, and a skeet that will hopefully be skeeted about, ad nauseum, this November:

Truly, this is the most important skeet of our generation. If Barack Obama cannot appeal to the masses with his fresh ideas, his desire to stamp out the corruption of these oil wars, and his need to change the direction of America, then please, for the love of god, just vote solely on his cuteness factor. Look at him! Maybe some of you haven’t really given Barack a sly side glance in that fashion, but really, he is probably in the top 5 of cutest presidents, probably.

So, when November comes around, I urge you, fellow Americans, that if you’re not going to at least use your brains, then for crying out loud, vote with the feelings you have in your pants.

August 15, 2008 at 10:42 am 6 comments

Politician Sighting: Alberto Gonzalez, Tainting My Local Ice Cream Parlor


I was grabbing some ice cream with my parents while in town last night at one of our favorite places, just outside of DC. My mom and I were ordering, and when I brought my cup back to our table, my Dad’s eyes went wide as he whispered fervently to me, “Alberto Gonzalez is behind your mother!” I looked behind my mom in the icecream line. What? All I saw was a big caucasian frat-yeti of some kind. “Que?” I asked him. “No, he can understand you!” my dad quickly responded. I looked again at the tables behind my mother, and lo and behold, there sat Bertie G, enjoying ice cream with his family.

How does that ice-cream taste, Alberto? I wonder what flavor you were enjoying. Yellow cake, maybe?

This was definitely better than the time Scooter Libby stood behind me at P.F. Chang’s on New Years. But yes men are all the same, and unfortunately, they all live where I grew up.

August 12, 2008 at 11:34 am 2 comments

Turning 21: A Figurehead of Morality

21! YEAH.
As my 21st birthday creeps up this Thursday, I can only wonder: What does turning 21 mean in this country, anyway? I know that personally, all it will mean is that I can bar-hop without being paranoid about being carded. The fact that I still have a retainer has never helped, either. But with fake or faulty IDs being so easy to obtain (and make!), I feel as if I have been 21 for a long time- that is, I feel I’ve been a responsible adult that also drinks alcohol.

With a country that grants things like voter independence, military service, age of consent, and all-around “legal adulthood” at the age of 18, I have always wondered why the drinking age comes 3 years after. Is it because drinking is dangerous? Does the government think we can’t handle it? I’m even baffled as to why the age was 19 back in the 1970s. But what angers me most about this law isn’t that we’re deprived of legal drinks til we’re 21, but that it’s a government’s attempt at inflicting morals and virtues on a country that vowed to never mix politics with personal beliefs about what is “appropriate”. What’s worse, raising the drinking age didn’t even decrease the amount of teen drunk drivers. Why did they even raise it in the first place?


July 8, 2008 at 9:44 pm 6 comments

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