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First of May

Thanks to Disco Stu for posting this video. I’ve been waiting since last year for a chance to put this song on repeat again, and now here it is! The awesome Jonathan Coulton performs “First of May”:

It’s time to celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called… well, you know.


May 1, 2009 at 1:19 am 7 comments

Greg Gillis



The creative genius behind the musical phenomenon known as “Girl Talk”, Gregg Gillis has simultaneously managed to both sample hundreds of tracks into artful mashups and STEAL MY HEART. After dropping out of biomedical engineering school to focus solely on music, Gregg has managed to make a living touring the globe, even though you can get his album here for free. Check out my favorite track, “Still Here”, which somehow combines Radiohead’s “15 Steps”, Cyprus Hills “Jump” and a slew of other well-known music that’s mashed in ways you wouldn’t believe.

Despite his very foreceful music, Gillis claims to be less than intimidating.  “I think I have a positive outlook on life. I think the music reflects that to some degree. But the music is very in-your-face, kind of commanding attention, which is probably the opposite of me in real life.

This Youtube video of a performance begs to differ. Check out video #2 for footage of Girl Talk’s music being discussed in the US House of Representatives (snap!). Scientist by day, hardxcore DJ mastermind by night, Girl Talk is probably the intellectually hottest piece of ass club-culture has ever seen/scene. Did I mention he’s 28? Perfect. 

April 3, 2009 at 12:26 am 5 comments

Kele Okereke

I bought the new Bloc Party album, “Intimacy” a little while ago, and in my opinion, it’s their best yet. And hey, did you notice that the lead singer is hot as well? Double whammy! Kele Okereke – leads an awesome band, is hot, has British accent, and a voice like velvet covered in butter. Quadruple whammy. Plus, he was born in the 80s (just like us!) and his name is fun to say, like Tunde Adebimpe‘s. Pardon my incoherence and nonsense rambling, I’m on vacation alroi!? And I’m sitting here, five hours in the future, with Jon’s dog watching the UK version of My Super Sweet 16 (somehow just as bad or worse than the U.S. version) like a toolbag.

Bloc Party will forever be inextricably tied to Googly Eyes, if only because of the massive popularity of the single, “The Prayer” when we were in Dublin. The vid for that was pretty cool too. Since my brain isn’t really working, I’m going to let this skeet rely principally on photos and video. Or you can click on that wikipedia link up there. Let’s be honest, you aren’t here to learn anyway. Enjoy.


January 2, 2009 at 12:50 pm 3 comments

Two Women in Music

If you don’t know who The Dresden Dolls are, you should probably be ashamed of yourself. By my definition, anyway. For those of you who don’t know, The Dresden Dolls are Amanda Palmer, who sings lead vocals and plays piano, and Brian Viglione, who plays drums. They describe the music they play as “Brechtian punk-cabaret,” and while I’m pretty sure they’re the only ones to ever classify themselves under this made-up genre, I doubt anyone could evoke those adjectives better.

Besides their music being really awesome, Amanda Palmer is amazingly talented and a fabulous role model in a world where a lot female “musicians,” I mean, pop stars, gain notoriety for being really slutty, really bitchy, or going on prescription drug-induced benders. Sometimes she doesn’t shave her pits, she draws her eyebrows on in her now-signature style, and is just generally challenging the rules of what is considered beautiful and acceptable, mostly because she doesn’t seem to give a shit. She’s sexy and awesome, but could definitely kick your ass and take Britney down in a heartbeat.

This is the video for the single “Shores of California” off The DD’s last CD “No, Virginia.” It’s good time fun, and definitely low-budget, though loses some points for being so literal in terms of the lyrics. Look out for a special guest cameo (oh my God, shoes.)


December 7, 2008 at 12:33 pm 7 comments

The Future of Music Videos

It’s common knowledge that music videos are a dying breed. They make no money, they’re shot on barely nothing, and unfortunately, they don’t really advertise new talent unless their video is stellar. Even then, we barely see them. 

These past two years have shown us some radical changes for what may just be the future of our beloved shorts, namely, the commercialization of bands and the products they place on screen. While music videos may be an ad for the artist, advertisers have realized that they can be ads for other products, too. Products that will pay for the cost of the video and promote the band at the same time, of course.

The first major fusion of the two; singing and advertising, is, I felt, with the Three Doors Down “Citizen Soldier” videos. Sure, tons of bands have their songs IN commercials, but rarely do bands make their entire music video a commercial for an organization. Yes, we’ve seen videos that include the movies they belong to the soundtrack of, but that’s different. Turning their entire music video into an ad not just for a product but for an entire organization marked the first transgression of music video purity. See the filth here

In 2007 we saw the appearance of the the “Where U At?” Boost Mobile campaign, featuring Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, and the seriously flamboyant Mickey Avalon:


November 19, 2008 at 11:51 pm 5 comments

Mark Ronson: A Gallery of Hotness

Mark Ronson is just so fucking hot. And it’s not just his sick bod, adorable smile, and unparalleled success in the record industry. He’s got the Midas-Touch, music wise. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind turning into solid gold myself if that’s what it takes to cop a Mark Ron feel. Sure, I could write some witty intro paragraph about his best selling hits, his famous family, and oh yeah, how he likes looking awkward in his music videos, but I’ll just skip straight to the good stuff:

Cute, adorable, wholesome Mark.

Cute, adorable, wholesome Mark.


October 31, 2008 at 1:13 am 2 comments

CSS’s Lovefoxxx= Love of My Life

Here is an excerpt from my favorite Brazilian Band, CSS’s, blog:

hey ywallll!!!


THEY ARE SUCH a agerat badn!
I got tos ingwith them on a song and that was so so great beyodnd great.
i was so nervous with a diarrhea shotting up from my ass the whole day i was so nervous but at the end averything is vfine isns it?
yes it is!

I personlyy withhreally like their new single cant go back!
ok tomorrow we play at koko here at our hometown


Posted by LoveFoxxx

This isn’t even “fake” drunk typing like you did in middle school. As US magazine would say of Lovefoxx’s bowel movements: “Celebrities, they’re just like us!”

August 9, 2008 at 9:22 am 2 comments

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