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“I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” by Amy Sedaris

This is one of my favorite books, because it’s big, has lots of pictures, and is a brilliant combination of hilarity and useful good housekeeping ideas from a woman I respect. Amy Sedaris’s “I Like You” has dozens of recipes from desserts and entrees to various cheeseballs, as well as clever and kitschy craft ideas, personal grooming tips, and entertaining anecdotes. Here’s an excerpt from Amy’s introduction, which explains perfectly why every woman and gay man needs to own this book:

Whether you live in a basement with the income of a ten-year-old girl or on a saffron farm in the south of Spain, the spirit of hospitality is the same. It’s the giving of yourself, a present of you to them from me for us.

…This colorfully illustrated book (see pictures) is my attempt to share with you something I take very seriously: entertaining in my home, my style. It may not be the proper way, or the most traditional, or even legal, but it works for me.

Even though the word “entertainment” is commonly used today, to me it sounds charmingly old-fashioned, like courtship or back-alley abortion. I like the traditional idea of entertaining, which for me means lively guests, good food, cocktails, and bubbly conversation.

The book’s aesthetic is reminiscent of retro 70s cookbooks and seethes Amy’s style. Here is another excerpt from the chapter titled, “Entertaining the Elderly”:

The googly-eyed peanut, our unofficial mascot.



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Google-y Eye Themes

A blogger over at Ironic Sans created a custom iGoogle theme, which we obviously fully endorse.

Click on the image to download:

While you’re customizing your Google homepage, and because I know you can’t get enough of us, you can add us to the homepage or to your Google Reader.  Just click the button:

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Christopher Walken Endorses Our Site

Because with us, you know where you stand.

The Googly Eyes Gardener.

A rare and LOL funny sketch from Saturday Night Live. There’s nothing better than Christopher Walken’s pronounciation of “googly”.

“Winston Churchill once said, the eyes are the windows of your face.”

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