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Cafeteria Redux: The Brunchening

More brunch. This one also occurred when the family was in town, but I’m trying to stagger it so we don’t end up with a blog devoted entirely to brunch (though that’s not a bad idea). We hit Cafeteria again, mostly because this place is a sure bet for great food and they have outdoor seating which is a major plus as the weather gets nicer. There was no wait for the table this time which was excellent (it was about 12pm on a Wednesday) and we got to sit near the open front of the restaurant and bask in the springy loveliness.

I ordered the Mac and Cheese (with cheddar and fontina, $8 ) again, this time as my entree. And again, it was absolute bliss (see previous Cafeteria entry for elaboration). Just look at that cheese. MY GOD.



May 25, 2008 at 8:34 pm 4 comments

Elephant and Castle

My parents were in town for graduation, and that explains all this brunch. Normally I would not make it a point to have this meal on a daily basis, or in a restaurant, but when the folks are footing the bill, I’m not one to say no. Anyway we spent our last day together brunching at Elephant and Castle, the cute little Irish/English place on Greenwich Avenue that I absolutely love, if only for it’s name, decor, and sheer cuteness (and really really good food of course).

Three out of five people at the table ordered the Yukon Brunch, which consists of country eggs (not sure how these are different from fridge eggs) any way you like, hash brown potatoes, creamed spinach, and sliced tomatoes. It reminds me of an Irish breakfast that decided meat was murder after spending several months camping in Canada. In other words, it’s delicious. Eggs are hard to screw up, but the creamed spinach and tomato really make the dish, both being vibrantly colored and fresh. The potatoes are nice as well, with the outside fried crispy and only a hint of non-potato flavors rather than the typically overbearing onion that plagues most hash browns.


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Another Sunday, another brunch – this week, the Irish edition. (It’s always the Irish edition with an Irish man.) Anyfart, we hit local pub Fiddlestick’s after finding that Cafeteria had a half hour wait, and deciding we really can’t afford to be brunching at most of the fancy-pants places in Chelsea.

Fiddlesticks‘s main draw is the outdoor seating and $10 brunch special that includes two complimentary drinks, such as mimosas and Bloody Marys. Jon got the Irish breakfast in nostalgic memory of his homeland and the customary consumption of gross amounts of meat in the morning. (Ah, who doesn’t love a bit of meat in the morning?) Jon says, “It was alright. It wasn’t anything great. I was starving so I just ate it.” Not a sterling review from a man who claims Burger King is “the bizzle.” Here’s what you came for:


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