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Book Review in Many Words: Tao Lin’s “Eee Eee Eee”

I would’ve liked to try and condense this review into our “100 words or less” category, but I’m sort of pissed at how much this book sucks, and didn’t want to curb my unpleasant reaction.

Tao Lin is a really great writer if you like reading accounts of boring and mundane events made even more boring and mundane by his exhaustive, repetitive, and confusing descriptions. I was reminded of this by the recent story on Gawker that recounts Tao Lin’s ejection from the NYU book store. Lin writes the story himself, and after probably 300 words, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. He uses pages and pages to describe an incident that probably took no more than 2 hours, and isn’t wildly entertaining to begin with. Who even cares that you got thrown out of the NYU bookstore (unless you set it on fire or something)? BORING.



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100 Books in 100 Words #1: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Note: We’re going to try this out as a regular feature.  The premise is simple- we’ll use only 100 words to sum up the next 100 books we deem worth reviewing.  No plot summaries (you can get that on Amazon or Wikipedia), just opinions. norwegian-woodI enjoyed this much more on a second reading. Someone said that what Murakami isn’t telling you is more important than what he is, and I think that definitely applies here. The narrator is a narcissist, not in any sinister way, but in the way  most people in their late teens/early twenties are. Everything we learn about his world comes from his very narrow point of view, and the reader must infer nearly everything about the other characters in the book. You’ll get exactly as much out of it as you put in. Take your time; it’s worth the effort.

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The Mighty Book of Boosh

I apologize for the recent barrenness of this blog. I’m sorry. But not as sorry as Betty and Katie should be.

You never have time for me and the blog anymore! You’re always out drinking, with all your little whores, and then you come stumbling home drunk, promising to change. This blog isn’t a one way street you know! All you do is read, and read, and read some more, never doing any of the writing yourself! It takes two to blog, and I’ve got more than one blog to blog on so I can’t spend the rest of my youth filling your blog up with bloggings! Olivia and I are tired of being taken advantage of (pardon my preposition.) I’m only 22 and can feel my blog already drying up and withering away…. 

But on to the post. I’m in Ireland, and have been sitting in my boyfriend’s family’s living room for about 80% of the time in the last three weeks. Needless to say, not much has been happening leaving me with very little to post about. However, we did at one point go to a mall that is just as empty and pointless as this country, where I bought a book. A book that will change all of our lives forever.

The Mighty Book of Boosh!


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The Trouble With Towelhead

Alicia Erian was really swinging for the fences with her first novel. Her 13 year old main character, Jasira, is sexually abused by at least three males in her life, physically abused by her Lebanese father, and psychologically abused by her mother. If an adult has an opportunity to make her feel as if she’s done something wrong, they tend to take it. The book primarily focuses on how the molestation she suffers affects her own natural sexual development, and this is where the problems begin.


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Summer Reads

These are some books I want to read this summer.

The Art Spirit by Robert Henri


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