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Let’s Get Site Specific

You know those music videos that just capture a feeling? An ambient nostalgia? A funny feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Well, I’ve gathered up my favorites for y’all. Enjoy- and just remember how hard it is to capture an emotion through a 4 minute video that’s projected in a little square.

Movies are supposed to be the most visceral form of art a human can experience. But I disagree.
We all know it’s music videos.



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The Most Awkward Performer. Ever.

Pompadour’d British pop sensation, Esser, has mysteriously managed to become famous…despite his extreme lack of comfort with singing in general. Maybe some of you chaps across the pond will know who/what I’m talking about.

Watch his single “Headlock” and you’ll know what I mean. And if you don’t, take the plunge into my absolute and very scientific breakdown: Esser Is One Of The Most Awkward Performers Ever (peer-reviewed by JStor. Well, not yet. But soon.)


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Michael Jackson: Holy Shit

So, I’ve never really been a Michael Jackson fan. As my Persian friends like to point out, “There are two kinds of Persians. Those who like MJ, and those who don’t.” Well, with shit going down in Iran, I think it’s only all-too-ironic that Tehran’s symbol for the progressive West has mysteriously died. Growing up, I always fell into the “don’t” category, and it was only with his passing that I realized just what I was missing…thanks to MTV’s constant RIP video special:

MJ was a music video GENIUS.

Screw Chuck Statler- MJ’s formula for music videos was EPIC. It’s one thing to hire cutting edge directors like Spike Lee and Martin Scorcese to direct the videos…it’s quite another to actually take the risk to collaborate with directors for never-before-seen music video strategies. Thriller, Bad, They Don’t Really Care About Us, and Smooth Criminal are all deadly videos that set the standard for today’s artists. Tactics like bookending the music video with a diegetic story, presenting the music video like a feature-film trailer, and pretty much inventing how to edit a choreographed dance sequence are all courtesy of MJ and his all around sweet video collection. Except for “Scream”, of course.

Check out my faves [Note: these videos are all (solely) owned by Michael Jackson, who has disabled embedding. Click on the Youtube link to check ’em out!]:

Thriller The first video to incorporate dialogue exclusive to the track. It has a storyline, choreographed dance movements, and a GREAT use of cut-aways and full coverage, ex: 5:54’s sweet swerve parade (just ignore the weird zombie portraiture at 5:24, please). If you substitute the undead for half-naked black women, the dark alley for a swimming pool filled with benjamins, and michael jackson’s sick jacket for a wife-beater, you basically have the formula for every rap video ever made.


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Did You Hear?

It’s time to start being nostalgic for the 90s! We’re approaching the twenty year mark, and we’ve already witnessed an awkward revival of high-waisted pants late last year. Worse than that, though, is the impending wave of plaid-patterned outfits, OH GOD ALL THE PLAID. Soon we’ll be wearing knee-length Bea Arthur vests, hot-rolling our hair, and stocking up on Sun-In. The future of our past looks pretty grim, guys.

Is this really what you want?


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In Case You Didn’t Get Fucked Up Enough Last Night

My still hungover-self was flipping channels when I came across an NYC-TV music video lineup. Watching the following video, I was so transported to a world of 90s riffs and green-screened dolphins that I thought, “These guys were SO HIP for their time!”. And then I Googled them: 2007. Snap, I fail.

So here it is, MGMT’s music video for Time to Pretend.


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Damon Albarn

I think it is only fair to start the Skeeting with the man that inspires (and prespires) us most.
As Betty stated in the original omgskeet blog:

“Skeet, skeet, skeet. (3 of 3 possible skeets)

Damon Albarn


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