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When You Are Engulfed in…Mehhhh

David Sedaris’ new book, “When You Are Engulfed in Flames”, is, well, less than enflaming (ughhh). While his previous books, such as “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, “Naked”, and “Barrel Fever” effortlessly recall the hilarious moments of his youth, Flames instead chronicles his recent history, his life as an author and the crazy stories that come with it. Only, the stories aren’t that¬†wacky. Writing about things like flying business class, staying in hotels, and speaking for book lectures, I kept finding myself, well, kind of bored. David seems aware of this, though, and continually struggles to join these domestic experiences with more ridiculous parallel ones.



January 20, 2009 at 10:00 am 6 comments

BUST Magazine 15th Anniversary Party

I was there, and you were not. And frankly, this makes me a little sad.

But anyway, I went to this event at Spiegelworld on Tuesday night, so pardon the late reporting. I had to ask myself, if it’s “old news” can it even be news at all? And myself didn’t have an answer, so I’m posting about it ¬†regardless. This event had a lot of potential, but let me down in several ways:

1) It was not sold out.
This would be good thing, except for the fact that every website and ticket sales outlet affiliated with it said that it was, indeed, sold out. It’s hard to get tickets to an event when everyone and their mother says there aren’t any and the vendor refuses to sell them to you. I ended up going with my boyfriend (God bless him), though this event would’ve been more fun with gal pals or gay friends who weren’t able to come because they thought it was sold out.

2) They didn’t give me a gift bag.
This event advertised free gift bags to the first 500 attendees. I arrived at around 9pm and there were definitely not 500 people there when I showed up, though they said they were all out of gift bags. This made me extremely sad, because they looked like really good gift bags with books and stuff in them. I hold Bust magazine in the highest esteem and would trust them to put great things in a gift bag.

3) Free cupcakes were the size of my thumbnail.
And you only got one, and they were vegan. Hmmm needs more gluten.


August 15, 2008 at 5:12 pm 1 comment

“I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” by Amy Sedaris

This is one of my favorite books, because it’s big, has lots of pictures, and is a brilliant combination of hilarity and useful good housekeeping ideas from a woman I respect. Amy Sedaris’s “I Like You” has dozens of recipes from desserts and entrees to various cheeseballs, as well as clever and kitschy craft ideas, personal grooming tips, and entertaining anecdotes. Here’s an excerpt from Amy’s introduction, which explains perfectly why every woman and gay man needs to own this book:

Whether you live in a basement with the income of a ten-year-old girl or on a saffron farm in the south of Spain, the spirit of hospitality is the same. It’s the giving of yourself, a present of you to them from me for us.

…This colorfully illustrated book (see pictures) is my attempt to share with you something I take very seriously: entertaining in my home, my style. It may not be the proper way, or the most traditional, or even legal, but it works for me.

Even though the word “entertainment” is commonly used today, to me it sounds charmingly old-fashioned, like courtship or back-alley abortion. I like the traditional idea of entertaining, which for me means lively guests, good food, cocktails, and bubbly conversation.

The book’s aesthetic is reminiscent of retro 70s cookbooks and seethes Amy’s style. Here is another excerpt from the chapter titled, “Entertaining the Elderly”:

The googly-eyed peanut, our unofficial mascot.


June 17, 2008 at 10:30 pm 2 comments

I’m Not Gay, But…

So recently I got my hair cut very short. Holly Kiser from Make Me a Supermodel short. Boy short. And since then I have been very conscious of my wardrobe, buying more and more dresses and steering clear of my usual ensemble consisting of jeans, a t-shirt, and my bi-curious Chuck Taylors.

I want to make it very clear to people that, just because I have a liberal and progressive haircut, I’m an old-fashioned girl downtown. And while no one has outrightly assumed I was a lesbian, I always ask myself before leaving the house, “Do I look gay in this?” Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, nothing whatsoever. I love Ellen, and Jackie from Workout, and Bravo altogether. And my fabulous gay friends, of course, so let’s not make this about that.

For some reason, it’s just a bit off-putting for people to mis-guess your sexual orientation based strictly on appearance. (Excluding that one time in Dublin where Betty and I pretended to be a gay couple so this total frat boy douche would leave us alone.) For a guy or a girl, to be presumed gay when you’re not just seems to be some kind of question of your masculinity or femininity.

And boy, I don’t have to tell you, us straight people have it hard! Ah just kidding. But really, where I was going with this post is, though I am not gay, there’s nothing wrong with having a girl-crush on women that, if you were a lesbian, would totally rock your boat. Here is an abridged list of my girl skeets:

1) Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris is my hero. Period. She sets an amazing example for all women, being a successful (and single) female comedian, actress, and homemaker. Tumblecizing on The Colbert Report and refusing to be “sexy,” Amy says you can be raunchily hilarious (“I like the pole and the hole!”) and still go home to your pet rabbit and bake cupcakes. Her book “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” is chock of full of fun and crazy recipes, craft ideas, and anecdotes that make me desperately want to be invited to one of her parties. In fact, one of Amy’s craft ideas, gluing googly eyes onto just about anything, accompanied by a picture of a googly-eyed peanut, was the inspiration for the name of this site. And Strangers with Candy is without question among my top favorite TV shows of all time, with a LOL factor of 10/10. I want to be Amy Sedaris when I grow up.


June 7, 2008 at 10:45 pm 3 comments

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