Very Mary Kate: An Interview

April 19, 2010 at 10:02 am 1 comment

I first came across the web series “Very Mary Kate” via Alison’s facebook wall. Little did I know what I was in for…and just how obsessed I would become. Series producer, director, writer, and all-around star Ellaine Carroll does an incredible job capturing the essence of basket-casedom that is Mary Kate Olsen, twice a week, in thirty second web clips. Get a taste, below!

Incredible, no?

I got a chance to grill the lovely Ms. Carroll about what it’s like being an Olsen, and how the hell she does such a kick ass job channeling an 80-pound Paris Hilton with an afghan.

First of all, we here at Googly Eyes love your show. Thank you so much for finding time to answer our questions! What inspired you to do it? Why Mary Kate? Don’t you miss eating??

I’ve been making web videos for a while now, and I wanted to try my hand at writing a series.  I was also hoping to turn my Olsen Twin impression into something bigger.

What is it like to shoot, write, produce, and star in your own webseries? Exhausting, sure- but how do you manage to keep creativity high and keep the humor so fresh every time? It’s so bad I have to stop imbibing liquids while watching your show, for fear of spewing all over the place (again).

Acting, writing, producing, and editing “Very Mary-Kate” is a lot of work, but it’s far from exhausting.  The most important part of my process is having fun.  I’ve been doing the Olsen twin impression long enough that I’m very comfortable in their skin so to speak, so the scripts find a way to write themselves.

I think something we all love is your use of simple one shots. We almost never see two characters in the same frame (except when you doubled yourself as Ashley). It’s hard to keep people interested- and keep faking those over the shoulders- but you do it flawlessly. The editing, also, is very fast and tight. BRAVO!

Thanks!  By keeping the shots simple, it keeps the production easy.   I fake the OTS shots by setting up the other girl’s hair on a wig stand.

What is it like filming with the canon 5D? (not sure if it’s mark ii or i for you). Is there a lot of lighting crap? Do you have a “gaffer”?

Shooting on the Canon 5D is great – no more lugging around a huge camera!  I don’t have a gaffer – I just use natural light.

Were/are you an NYU student? What is your acting background? How do you prune your lips so well?? You’re so method.

LOL!  I was an acting major at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.  NYU rejected me. I can prune my lips because my face is made of rubber.

If you could name one MK&A movie you would be stranded on a desert island with (along with a DVD player, of course), which would it be? Anything but “The Challenge”

Good question.  I’d bring that episode of Weeds that MK was in.  She rocked it.

Bodyguard is hot. Sorry. Brotherguard. Just had to put that out there. Gross.

Bodyguard is played by Luke Sholl.  He’s great, isn’t he?

Has Mary Kate contacted you? What kind of crazy awesome press are you getting? Lots, I’m sure. I have my fingers crossed, FunnyOrDie style

Mary-Kate has not contacted me, but her younger sister Liz tweeted at me to say “You so got her.”  I’m getting some pretty awesome press – AOL, Chigaco Now, Logo, etc

Lastly, what’s next for Very Mary Kate? Bob Saget appearances? Edible Bagels? Babies on leashes in the baby park? Here at Googly Eyes, we are choking at the bit for more episodes.

It would be amazing to get Bob Saget – even if just for a second.  I’d give my first born child, D’arangelo Eunich Trollface.

Wow. What a woman. What a baby’s name. Check out my favorite episodes below, as well as her incredible character reel. My personal favorite characters, next to MK of course: Amelie Conjugating the Verb Aller, Kate Winslet Sets Up Her Voicemail, and That Woman From Poltergeist’s Cooking Show. Genius.

Visit her awesome website, hilarious twitter, and her sick personal blog.


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