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March 14, 2010 at 8:50 pm Leave a comment

You know those music videos that just capture a feeling? An ambient nostalgia? A funny feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Well, I’ve gathered up my favorites for y’all. Enjoy- and just remember how hard it is to capture an emotion through a 4 minute video that’s projected in a little square.

Movies are supposed to be the most visceral form of art a human can experience. But I disagree.
We all know it’s music videos.

Small Black- Despicable Dogs

I love this video so much I can’t stop watching it on repeat. If I could sum up this video in one frame it would be any instance where our man flashes one of those sad, sagely smiles. I’m excited to see director Yoonha Park more music videos. Lord knows we need more understated spots like this… Especially after Lady Gaga’s “Telephone“.

Blur- There’s No Other Way (embedding disabled- click here)

This video feels just like that family meal you have after your Saturday soccer game. Orange slices, sunlight, and wait… what the fuck is Damon Albarn doing!? It’s like a capri-sun commercial with an aspergers-ridden actor. +10 points for each bowl cut featured.

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

How did director Sophie Muller manage to make a laundry room so sexy? This music video reminds me exactly of growing up in Virginia during the summer. Right before a rainstorm, I’d go out onto the deck and watch the calm sky suddenly get dark, then hold out my arms to catch the wet gusts of wind that would go from zero to sixty in a frighteningly awesome experience.

It feels just like this video’s sudden changes from languid and hazy to aggressive and driven. Top lighting. It does that to you.


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“Telephone,” Lady Gaga & Beyonce Some Lady Talk

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