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Nathan Fillion

Tall, dark, and handsome. Nathan Fillion, you are the hotness triumvirate of my sci-fi dreams.



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James K. Polk

I don’t care if he’s dead. That doesn’t make him any less sexy.
Look at that thoughtful jawline!


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Some Lady Talk

I’ve long been infuriated by Always telling me to “have a happy period”, and I know I’m not alone.  It’s about time SOMEONE in marketing figured out that ladies don’t like being told how they should feel about enduring the Red Vadge of Courage.  While I have to roll my eyes at networks refusing to let them use the word “vagina” in the spot, it’s a relief to see such a frank commercial.

Of course, it still boils down to another marketing ploy.  We’re supposed to think, “Man, Kotex really gets me, as a clever, knowing, twentysomething female.”  It’s hard for me to worry too much about that, though.  Advertising is always, inevitably going to be a slimy and manipulative.  At worst, this kind of manipulation is slightly more honest than the usual.   And at best, seeing this perspective in commercials might help people realize that ladybits aren’t meant to be feared- that they aren’t so terrifying the devil himself runs away (uhh, somewhat NSFW).   Maybe hoping that a tampon commercial inspires social change is a little over optimistic, but it’s a start, right?

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Let’s Get Site Specific

You know those music videos that just capture a feeling? An ambient nostalgia? A funny feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Well, I’ve gathered up my favorites for y’all. Enjoy- and just remember how hard it is to capture an emotion through a 4 minute video that’s projected in a little square.

Movies are supposed to be the most visceral form of art a human can experience. But I disagree.
We all know it’s music videos.


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“Telephone,” Lady Gaga & Beyonce

We need to talk about this NOW.

Personally I love it. The acting is pretty much terrible, and the product placement is garish and shameless, but god, it is epic.

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OK GO vs The Bravery- COMMENT POLL

OK GO’s newest video for “This Too Shall Pass” gives me weird deja vu.

Hmm, I wonder why? OH WAIT.

Same domino opening shot and all! Which video do you guys like better? I love The Bravery’s for coming first…but I love the color usage and sheer scale of calamity from the OK GO video, too.

Valentine’s also got a domino-esque video. Check it out, here.

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