Lady Product Review: LUSH Body Powder

December 24, 2009 at 10:47 pm Leave a comment

In what seemed like a neverending Christmas shopping season, I inevitably bought myself a few gifts too. While browsing in my local LUSH shop I came across something I had always hoped to find but was certain didn’t exist: body powder that didn’t smell like a clean baby’s ass or contain more glitter than a drag queen’s wig on a Friday night.

Behold! LUSH body powders!

Now you may be asking, “Body powder? What on earth do you need that for? Are you stinky or sweaty or something?” And the answer to that is, yeah sometimes. Less often in winter obviously, but when I see an opportunity to fulfill my dreams of owning a non-baby-related powder, I take it.  I am a big believer in personal hygiene and maintaining that ever-so-important feeling of “freshness” regardless of the occasion or time of year, and why not get a little something extra at the holidays?

So at the risk of feeling like an old lady, I indulged myself and got a little can of their Coconut Body Powder. After taking a whiff in the store, I worried that the scent was too subtle and natural, and maybe not as sweet as I’d like. I thought to myself, “Oh well, I’m buying it anyway, seeing as I have yet to meet a coconut product I didn’t like.”

After using it this morning, I am very satisfied. My skin is dry and soft, and there’s a pleasant faint coconutty scent that isn’t overpowering because it’s so natural – it’s more like a shea butter smell than a Magic Coconut Bar smell. And god knows, I don’t want to walk around smelling like baked goods any more than I already do. And I really appreciate that this stuff is all-natural and doesn’t contain any goddamn shimmers or sparkles or holograms or whatever. Honestly I get so fucking pissed off when I buy products or cosmetics that have snuck in stuff like that and you don’t realize until you’ve opened the package, put it all over yourself, cannot return it, and have to show up to church looking like a synthetic snowman.

So not only did this product do what it advertised and have a refreshingly understated scent, LUSH’s whole platform is in manufacturing products that are organic (and vegetarian!), eco-friendly, and all around just good. They’re like the Ben & Jerry’s of body products. And while I don’t think I’d be adventurous to try a lot of their stuff (because some of it really just smells like dirt) I support this company and their goals, and would highly recommend this product. If you’re looking for something subtle that’ll keep you feeling clean and comfortable, and isn’t a sticky slimy lotion, check this stuff out at your local LUSH retailer or buy from their website online!

And no, I don’t feel like a tool who is shilling for the man because this is a good company that (I assume) is run by hippies and dolphins and not an evil conglomerate overlord. You’re welcome.


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