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Best Music Videos of 2009

Ever since Shots Ring decided to seriously drop the ball on their “best of” countdowns that they were so well known for, I’ve decided to compile a list of my own. So Merry Christmas, Googly Eyes. Here’s the only gift I know how to give: my impeccable taste in sound-specific imagery. Fucking impeccable.



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Lady Product Review: LUSH Body Powder

In what seemed like a neverending Christmas shopping season, I inevitably bought myself a few gifts too. While browsing in my local LUSH shop I came across something I had always hoped to find but was certain didn’t exist: body powder that didn’t smell like a clean baby’s ass or contain more glitter than a drag queen’s wig on a Friday night.

Behold! LUSH body powders!

Now you may be asking, “Body powder? What on earth do you need that for? Are you stinky or sweaty or something?” And the answer to that is, yeah sometimes. Less often in winter obviously, but when I see an opportunity to fulfill my dreams of owning a non-baby-related powder, I take it.  I am a big believer in personal hygiene and maintaining that ever-so-important feeling of “freshness” regardless of the occasion or time of year, and why not get a little something extra at the holidays?


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How to: Not Get Mugged

Disclaimer: I am not a law enforcement professional. I am not a self-defense professional. I’m not a professional anything. The advice dispensed here is largely meant to be humorous and may not save your life in an emergency situation. If you are trusting information you got from a random person writing on a blog called Googly-Eyes to save your life, you probably deserve a Darwin Award anyway.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: I like to write disclaimers before I write anything that might get me in trouble, which is pretty much everything, seeing as most people in this day and age are a bunch of overly litigious, easily offended, whiny cry-babies who get their panties in a twist over innocuous bloggings and like to blame all their problems on other people. The disclaimer is my way of saying, “Hey, don’t do that!” and, “Hey Dick Cheney, chill the fuck out.” Also, I feel really sad and guilty when I get mean comments on my posts, especially when thick-headed dumb-dumbs take “jokes” to mean “VERY SERIOUS THINGS” and you wouldn’t want to make me sad, would you? Anyway, on to the writing!


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Friends and family, I love redheads. I don’t know why! Maybe it’s because growing up in an exotic household caused me to idolize fair, freckly, red-headed white guys that somehow seemed just as exotic to me. Either way, I think it’s important to start with my first real redheaded Skeet (and my first crush ever).

Dimitri, from Anastasia:

Yeah, he’s not real. But that hasn’t stopped me before. I think it’s his hair, to be honest. I don’t know which compositor had the lovely task of making sure his hair had just the right volume and movement, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t win an Oscar. An Oscar made of Lisa Frank stickers and pogs.

Next up is Alan Tudyk, whose crooked teeth and staggering jaw line make me swoon every time, without fail!

JUST LOOK AT HIM. How has he managed to play such incredible characters yet still be under the Hollywood radar?! From Firefly to Dodgeball to Knocked Up, Alan is always good about making whatever small parts he has totally memorable.

Check out this clip from the film “Death at a Funeral”. It’s pretty obvious why I enjoy it so much:

Man, I remember watching A Knights Tale in middle school, trying to figure out why the camera kept cutting to Heath Ledger when I so clearly had Alan Tudyk’s gingery hair setting my heart equally aflame, right along the side of…

Paul Bettany. We need to make a new rule about how the blue eyes + red hair combo far surpasses the “tall dark and handsome” triumvirate that so many women try to obtain. I mean look at those freckles! I bet he burns easily in the sun. Oh white people, you’re so adorable.

Other redheads of note? Damon Albarn, Rupert Grint, and  Patrick Fugit. Well, Patrick Fugit is more of a burnt sienna. But I’ll let that one slide.

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You can autotune me all night long.

Omg. Googly Eyes, don’t even get me started. I know skeeting is all about listing incredible qualities, heralding valiant efforts, and enumerating awesome and life changing accomplishments…but this post isn’t about that.

This post is about T-Pain. And how I am, for some inexplicable reason, TOTALLY ATTRACTED TO HIM.


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A Link A Day

Today I decided I would post some of my favorite daily links for those people who are living under a rock and read only You may not know this, but there is a wealth of other sites out there with all sorts of kooky information and silly pictures to be enjoyed.


Here are some of my favorites….

This site is great for finding out what you want to know about music (DUH.) Simple to find artists, discography, song lists, etc. It also has the added feature of categorizing artists by mood and listing artists similar to those you are looking up, making it easy to find new music you’ll enjoy. Hooooraaaaaayyyyyyyy….


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A Very Googly Wedding

Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Betty and Tim! Many hugs and kisses from Googly Eyes and its readers. Check out the Googly Bride and Groom cake-toppers, courtesy of Betty’s uncle, a fan of the site!

Feel free to upload any pictures taken from the event. My iPhone did not do this cake justice.

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