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Jesse Eisenberg

Return of the Skeet! Sorry to be withholding the man-candy for so long. To be honest, it’s been a bit of a dry summer for hot dudes in the spotlight who aren’t also complete toolbags.

But hark! Jesse Eisenberg. He’s hardly new to the scene, but to be honest, I was very on-the-fence about this guy. He seems to know what he’s doing and is a solid actor, but I just wasn’t sure I thought he was all that attractive. I first spotted him in The Squid & The Whale, Noah Baumbach’s version of a Wes Anderson movie about a semi-dysfunctional upper-middle-class Brooklyn family in the midst of divorce. Jesse was the older son in the family, but still seemed like too much of an awkward half-teen to warrant skeet status.

Since then, however, he’s grown up and seems to be taking indie Hollywood by the balls, with roles in Adventureland and, um, some other stuff too. Eisenberg’s resume is pretty packed and fairly impressive, with a wide variety of roles in good, often indie, films. Career-wise, this guy is everything Michael Cera could’ve or should’ve been.



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Googly Eyezzz



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To Lip Sync or Not to Lip Sync?

A Critical Question, an Expert Answer. But to understand my incredibly relevant solution, I suggest you watch these two videos first:


Guess which one wins? That’s right. The second one. You know why? because it’s tasteful. Cataracs, you failed. Too bad, because that song is fucking catchy. Next time you’re making a video and you’re debating whether to lip sync or not, ask these important questions:

1) Is lip syncing relevent to the story and/or location? If not, then skip it. Unless the lyrics are just so completely the opposite of what you’re trying to go for, ie: a song about slaughtering someone set in a field of flowers, then go for. It’s just crazy enough that it might work. Having hot chicks try and kill you is just too painfully close a real club experience for my taste.

2) Do your lyrics even mean anything? Are they particularly deep and verbose, or just plain formulated for maximum air play? If you’re not attached, then drop ’em in the vid.

3) Can you sing while acting? It sounds easy, but multi-tasking in front of a camera is hard. If you’re not comfortable, like these two clowns clearly aren’t, then don’t even bother. Plus, everyone knows that acting sincere in your own video just makes everyone uncomfortable. That goes for you too, Bono (or maybe it was him wearing a dress? either way, you’ll grimace).

I love the Peter Bjorn and John video because it keeps lip-syncing to a minimum, slipping it in whilst bookending the lyrics with some standard thriller dance moves. I know what some lip sync lovers might be saying right now: “But those two guys in the video aren’t the band members! Of course they shouldn’t lip sync!” It doesn’t matter. They do a good job. Especially since it’s the best Michael jackson homage I have ever seen.

Here are some great videos with lead singers choosing to be interesting in front of the camera rather than obsessed with their shallow prose:

Kanye West- Touch The Sky “I’m leaving on an aer-o-plane”. He’s leaving on an airplane! Get it?
Weezer- Perfect Situation Once again, clever, clever choice of lip-syncing. It lets you breathe in between the words, cutting to interesting things. Not everything in a performance video needs to be sung, and most of the lyrics are performed by a professional actress. Smart.
Familjen – Det snurrar i min skalle And of course, the emmy-award winning master of lip-syncing, Familjen, for using ultra-right wing religious ceremony footage for one bad-ass music vid.

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100 Books in 100 Words #3: Broken by Daniel Clay

Now I’m not a thoughtful book-reviewer like Betty, and I refuse to spend too much time making my opinion justified and intellectual-sounding, because I’m not in college anymore, I write for pleasure, so fuck that shit.

Now that I’ve wasted precious words and whittled down the amount I have to write, I’ll discuss the book.

I liked this book! A lot. It was a real page-turner, especially towards the end. The book is presented as being “inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird,” and I suppose it does have many similarities. Many of which I probably missed though, since I haven’t read TKAM since 9th grade. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s set in present-day England, so the curse words are creative and plentiful. The end.

Word Count: 129. Fuck!

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