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A Serious(ly Awesome) Trailer: New Coen Bros. Film

It is amazing in this day and age when a trailer is released without weeks of anticipatory hype, leaked press releases, and multiple thirty second teasers.  A trailer release is almost as big an event as a film anymore, especially when it comes to such beloved (and consistently brilliant) filmmakers like Joel & Ethan Coen.  Without any further fanfare (because that seems to be the way they want it), here is the trailer for their new film, A Serious Man.  It looks dark, funny, and uncomfortable, and balls if that isn’t one of the best edited trailers I’ve seen in a while.


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The Most Awkward Performer. Ever.

Pompadour’d British pop sensation, Esser, has mysteriously managed to become famous…despite his extreme lack of comfort with singing in general. Maybe some of you chaps across the pond will know who/what I’m talking about.

Watch his single “Headlock” and you’ll know what I mean. And if you don’t, take the plunge into my absolute and very scientific breakdown: Esser Is One Of The Most Awkward Performers Ever (peer-reviewed by JStor. Well, not yet. But soon.)


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Again & Again

When this video started, I was like, “Wow, what a cool idea that’s probably not too hard to execute. I wish I had thought of this!” Then after about 15-30 seconds, I was like damn. I do not have the skill or creativity necessary to pull this off. The way the intensity of the video escalates so drastically is part of why it’s so effective, you stick around to see how much crazier it’s going to get.

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Every Girl’s Dream


Hearing Will Arnett read Judy Blume is the kind of thing that creeps into my most secret fantasies, the sort of dream I’d never hope to share with the world for fear of the shattering force of reality.  And yet, on Late Night yesterday, that very thing just happened.

Here’s a clip of Will Arnett doing a dramatic reading of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  I never knew a young adult book could send so many shivers down my spine.  Can someone get him a contract doing audio books?

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They Love Internet

My real-life blog presence knows no bounds…

From La Habana, Cuba, I bring you the Isolated Island’s true journalists…

I may or may not be intoxicated. 


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A Dollar a Day Keeps the Fetus Away

“Young women in the College Bound Sisters program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro are offered a simple bargain. They’re paid a dollar for every day that they don’t get pregnant.”

2348_001Courtesy of the Washington Post

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John Lamensdorf icon IP

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