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Michael Jackson: Holy Shit

So, I’ve never really been a Michael Jackson fan. As my Persian friends like to point out, “There are two kinds of Persians. Those who like MJ, and those who don’t.” Well, with shit going down in Iran, I think it’s only all-too-ironic that Tehran’s symbol for the progressive West has mysteriously died. Growing up, I always fell into the “don’t” category, and it was only with his passing that I realized just what I was missing…thanks to MTV’s constant RIP video special:

MJ was a music video GENIUS.

Screw Chuck Statler- MJ’s formula for music videos was EPIC. It’s one thing to hire cutting edge directors like Spike Lee and Martin Scorcese to direct the videos…it’s quite another to actually take the risk to collaborate with directors for never-before-seen music video strategies. Thriller, Bad, They Don’t Really Care About Us, and Smooth Criminal are all deadly videos that set the standard for today’s artists. Tactics like bookending the music video with a diegetic story, presenting the music video like a feature-film trailer, and pretty much inventing how to edit a choreographed dance sequence are all courtesy of MJ and his all around sweet video collection. Except for “Scream”, of course.

Check out my faves [Note: these videos are all (solely) owned by Michael Jackson, who has disabled embedding. Click on the Youtube link to check ’em out!]:

Thriller The first video to incorporate dialogue exclusive to the track. It has a storyline, choreographed dance movements, and a GREAT use of cut-aways and full coverage, ex: 5:54’s sweet swerve parade (just ignore the weird zombie portraiture at 5:24, please). If you substitute the undead for half-naked black women, the dark alley for a swimming pool filled with benjamins, and michael jackson’s sick jacket for a wife-beater, you basically have the formula for every rap video ever made.



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Cheat Skeet

It’s Friday! Sorry for dominating the blag today, I’ve been gone for a long time and damn it feels good to be back!

I’m calling today’s skeet a “Cheat Skeet” because I’ve chosen Chris Pine. Maybe I could’ve come  up with someone better if I didn’t have the memory of a goldfish, but whatever.

This is cheating because I’ve only seen him in one movie (“Blind Dating,” a film about, you guessed it, a blind guy who is dating) and thus I cannot vouch for his acting ability or prowess in choosing good roles. Basically I’ve only chosen him for one reason: he is physically attractive. Nothin’ wrong with that every once in a while. He was in Star Trek though, which I heard was good. And also he doesn’t seem like a Paul Walker style douchebag/statutory rapist. YET.

So, let’s enjoy while we can.


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Tim Burton, You Are Walking a Fine Line

Like many people our age, I grew up watching and loving the work of the young (by comparison) Tim Burton. I remember seeing one of his early feature films, Frankenweenie (1984), when I was but a wee lass of 8 or so after my mom picked it out for me at Blockbuster. I was somewhat hesitant to watch it, seeing as how it was neither animated nor in color, but after I did it elicited one of the most intense emotional reactions I have ever had to a film and remains burned into my memory. Because it was traumatizing. (It’s the story of a kid whose dog is killed, then he reanimates it into a Frankenstein monster of sorts. Burton is re-making it. We’ll see.)

From there, Burton continued to nourish my interest in film with his classics, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and even Beetlejuice. His aesthetic was like no other’s; it was his fantastically dark, yet somehow childlike rendering of characters and production design that made him so unique among other auteurs of film.


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editing reels

This post is intended to be an open discussion on the topic of the editing reel

1.) What’s the running time of the ideal editing reel?

2.) Is the editing reel cut to music or not?

3.) Is the editing reel supposed to stand alone as its own as an editing object or are the projects that you edited in the past the focus on this reel?

4.) Can you put movies on your editing reel that you have shoot but have not edited? (because it a way you are editing them)

What do you all think..

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I’m back from the little/big island of Cuba. What to say? It’s so hard to explain the absurdity of a falsely communist state. Cuba’s decaying government is riddled with hypocrisy/poor man socialism, and to top it off, its citizens are not granted the right to express themselves. For an American youth to understand this sad mixture of unrelenting stupidity and faux-Marxist values, I can only sum it up by saying:

“Cuba, is, like, totally gay.”


June 24, 2009 at 2:15 pm 2 comments

All things good in new york

art supply

alison’s new apartment





bike riding

big payoffs

bobst library



craigslist ny

central park

climbing upside down

deli salads

editing labs

even cuter clothes

good looking people

gotham reads



film labs

french roommate

hard work

high energy concerts

hudson river

intelligent, fun, weird people

inspiring walks


million restaurants

mcdonalds mediations 


new people

new apartments

new parties

nifty to dos

no painting rooms

old nyu friends

old memories

people who speak the same language

pick up soccer




running along hudson river



sunbathing publicly


strolls with photography in mind

whole foods

union square jk

 taxis jk

trader joe



weekend jaunts

yoga classes

zip car

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Skeet herded: Paulo Costanzo


Sorry, I cannot offer steamy tales from Cuba, but I can offer something as simple and American as a slice of white bread and that is: Paulo Costanzo. 

Paulo Costanzo is pretty cute, in my opinion. 

Although, I’m generally not a fan of the Kramer-like hair ( I don’t think you can see what I mean by this.. google it), I overlook it because I figure that this guy’s boyishly handsome looks and smiley personality can trump any bad hair.

Bored out of my mind one night at home and awkwardly cooking dinner for myself, I decided to watch “Royal Pains” which is a new show on USA featured on 

On royal pains, Paulo Costanzo stars as the business manager for his brother’s private doctoring, a practice for the monstrously rich habitants of the Hamptons.

I found the prickily plot-line entertaining because of the depiction of the collapse of a billionaire Hampton family who is serviced by the good doctor and the subsequent loss of the patient son – a hemophiliac.

Paulo Costanzo casts his light when he is on a date with a retired ballet dancer (36 years old) to get fast food.

She faints after eating a hot dog and the good doctor comes to her rescue.

Ridiculous but somehow charming…

I read that Paulo Costanzo was also in Dr. Doolittle. Ah, now all the memories are flooding back.

For the record, he seems to have cleaned up a lot since those awkward days.

I think you should give Royal Pains a chance.

June 16, 2009 at 6:47 pm 4 comments

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