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This Gay Marriage Business

My sister and I recently got into a pretty heated discussion with my mom over the issue.  It got to the point where we were  shouting our points at each other while walking down the street, and only stopped once someone walked by and forced us to realize we were kind of making a scene.  My sister and I hold the stance shared by most of our generation- essentially, that any adult should be able to make decisions without being arbitrarily discriminated against by the government.  In this case, my mom disagrees.

Photo by Miranda.
SAN FRANCISCO– Photo by Miranda Everitt.



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Free conditioner for all!!!

When I was in highschool, I had really  bad acne and greasy hair (it wasn’t that  bad but it was bad enough) and I’m reminded of this every time I go home.  FEEL BAD FOR ME!!!! Another interesting fact about me is that I hate the band the Foofighters. 


Anyway, I tried nearly every conditioner I could find to relieve  my disgusting self of the grease in my hair (which is  probably  a counter solution anyway because conditioner only adds more grease AS WE ALL KNOW). 

Anyway, this leaves me with a bathroom at home with at least  7 bottles of conditioner (each with varying levels of formula ). Each of these bottles will take me half a year to finish. 

I wanted to know if any of you would want any? 

I don’t know if you’re picky about that kind of thing… but  I’ll give you any brand u want for free so I don’t  feel like such a wasteful  bastard every time I shower at home. 


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I just came across another pretty offbeat animation.  The dad’s expressions remind me of classic Max Fleischer cartoons, but the surreal humor is more Bill Plympton.

The animator, Kirsten Lepore, has some more stuff worth checking out on her Vimeo site.

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30 Days of Raw

Raw Veganism, a growing trend in America, has been cited as a diet of numerous health benefits: improved digestion, energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and stronger immunity overall are just a fraction of the side-effects flaunted by most raw vegans. Hoping to experience this level of health, the kind where they claim you only spend 5 hours a night on sleep, I decided to try it for thirty days. Jesus. Fucking. God. (more…)

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field trip to the aftermath of obliteration of eternity.


Betty and I meet up at reservoir, the old man’s pub, on cinco de mayo to check on each other. We both had stiff drinks and woke up hung-over the next morning.

Whilst, au pub, Betty put me on a mission on my day-off (which, scary as it is- is starting to look like everyday). She sent me to the Gagosian Gallery to see an exhibit by Yayoi Kusama, who has work showing from April 16 to June 27th. (Yayoi is a female, by the way)

Betty told me that the address was 555 w 24th street, which is all the way in the west part of Chelsea. At first I wasn’t going to go because I figured I should be applying for jobs.

But I thought since I told Betty I would go, I should so I went.

 I took the 1 train and walked a couple of avenues.



This thing is a room, devoid of light, surrounded by black water and mirrors reflecting gold lights.

What do you want to do know?

I took this image with a manual setting, and the shutter speed is really slow.

It is called “the aftermath of obliteration of eternity”,

Its review on the website puts it best by describing it as- “simple yet ingenious optical device”, “Infinity room”,” shivering mirage”, “golden silence” (like a good pee), and 

“Spirited emanations”.

I get inside and am pretty much startled that I don’t have to pay anything.

I look to the left and I see a room with a huge blow up plastic pumpkin in it. This, mind you, is not a normal American pumpkin, something more macabre like a horror gourd.

I take a picture and here’s the picture. The pumpkin represents her alter ego and is a self-portrait.

I continue walking and there’s another room with huge paintings full of colors and their opposites, like hot pink neon and greens. Within the painting are shapes of eyes and little ellipses. I could have had a seizure.

Kusama produced her first huge painting in the late 50s, “often skipping meals and sleep in her instant drive to cover the canvas with tracts of small, thickly painted loops.”

From these, one receives instant psychosomatic associations.

Kusama was born in Japan in 1929. She’s an old motherfucker. She lives and works in Tokyo.

Big on the Japanese themes recently, we are.

The most beautiful thing is the “aftermath of obliteration of eternity”.

The guard says: “oh want to see magic?”

Some dudes interrupted my reflection inside the room..

“ Yeah, rad, this is really cool man .”

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Kal Penn

8000 Sunset

Kal Penn: actor, comedian, and Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. HOT. Don’t be fooled by his credits in films like Harold and Kumar, Epic Movie, and Van Wilder 2. This politically minded entertainer had his character in TV show “House” commit suicide just to join the administration. Now if that isn’t the epitome of skeetable virtue I don’t know what is!


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100 Books in 100 Words #2: No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

31t4zn2y58l_ss500_Everything you know about these characters comes from their external behavior; there’s no description of internal feelings except for italicized chapters of Sheriff Bell’s beautifully simple monologue.  The simple descriptions of even the most minute details force you to slow down and let the action sink in.  It’s this deliberate pacing that allows the horror of Chigurh’s actions to grab you and shake you to your soul.  The Coens’ adaptation is note-perfect, understandably, because McCarthy’s stripped down narrative reads like a screenplay. No word is wasted, and the metaphors he does use are rare enough to stand out like gems.

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