Don Hertzfeldt

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How one can make drawings of poop, blood, and spoons seem completely appealing is beyond me. But Don Hertzfeldt always manages to pull it off…and HOW! After starting all the commotion at Sundance with his hit “Rejected“, Don has since continued his fabulous career with more shorts, each one funding the next. So successful are his films that, at such a young age, Don has never had to work an actual, real job. The mere thought of not having to work for the rest of my life makes me drool…but not as much as the visage of this sexy, pale animator.

Here’s the most recent excerpt from his blog:

march 5

looking for a new place to live. i’m not sure about renting someone’s house, it seems strange and what if he comes over and is like “are you taking good care of my bathtub?” they are redoing many of the fences on the block and with all of them gone for the moment you can see clear down the street from back parking lot to parking lot and all the neighborhood kids careen straight through on bicycles and scooters as though they’ve been let out of prison

Clearly, he writes as good as he draws (burn), but in a lovable, real way. Maybe that’s why we like him so much. He just doesn’t give a fuck how artfully crafted his work is, and instead chooses to¬†encapsulate¬†awkwardness in its purest form.

Here’s to you, sexy Don, and your enviable employment status. May you never have to work a real job as long as you live!


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