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Top Chef is Getting Ugly


Spoiler Alert! – If for some reason you DVR’d the first three episodes of Top Chef New York and still haven’t found time to watch them, and have somehow been able to avoid the endless, 24/7, marathon of re-runs on Bravo, you may want to wait til after you’ve savored the deliciousness of America’s bitchiest cooking show before continuing with this post.

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Vampire Stuck in a Tree

I encourage all of you to see the movie “Twilight” because its was first 11 bucks I spend in a theatre not regretting the purchase in an eternity. It’s very romantic. It’s not scary but its shot like it is, pale and anemic like a vampire. I think you should see it in theatres, it’s shot on 35mm. 2:35: 1

Big, blown up, awesome.

37 million dollar budget

69 million dollars in bumps the first weekend!

We have to talk about the soundtrack too– I’ll get to that later.


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Diego Luna

So. Fucking. Cute. 

From playing a gay man to a Michael Jackson impersonator, to even the lead in a shitty dance sequel (ahem, Havana Nights), Diego is impossible to file into a one category. But, if I had to put his square peg into the round of hole of my choosing, I’d shove him into the: Adorably Sexy category


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And with those celebratory words, I give you Sarah Palin’s most recent, turkey filled interview:

If you don’t want to see what happens to your thanksgiving turkey, then don’t look behind the governor’s face. Enjoy!

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Females In Film

It’s no secret that Hollywood is kind of a boys’ club. When not facing outright sexism, there’s a consistent cliquey-ness to the way women are treated in the film and television industry, whether it’s being marginalized on set, or just having no real voice in the media aside from Nora Ephron-type romantic comedies. Warner Brothers studios, shamefully, recently put a freeze on all films with female leads on the grounds that they “don’t sell”, even though the numbers say otherwise. Female directors are incredibly rare, and often end up having to direct fluff anyway.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)


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Every Operator’s Hard-On

In light of the Beyonce dance music video, I’m posting a Q Tip video to challenge it.

“Breathe and Stop” is constructed very similarly, but it’s much more interesting because a.) the song is better, and b.) there is much more shot diversity and direct narration.

Overall, “motifs” (hehe) that override are high angles, wide lenses, lighting of modular metallic sets, and big ass thighs (praise).

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Katie out of the depths

I have returned from my  googly-eyes sabbatical. These past two months have been heaven and hell on wheels. I’ll be writing much more  prolifically now that my experimental film is wrapped.

Thank you all for all of your  patience, help, and  understanding!



And I’m sorry that my film got in the way of the book club.

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