Ian Wright

October 24, 2008 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

No, not the famous British soccer player! I’m talking about traveller Ian Wright of the hit show Globe Trekker, from which he has won 3 U.S. Cable Ace Awards for Best Magazine Host, the amused admiration of an entire backpacking generation, and lastly, my eternal and unquenchable love for his universal wit and charm. By far the most interesting of hosts on the show, Ian is the most personable travel host you’ll ever watch. His self-deprecating humor closes cultural gaps with miraculous ease, and his ability to communicate with different people from around the world by just using his hands is an art in itself.

Oh the things his hands could do...

I bring him up because, after watching so many TV shows with poor hosts (TRL, Cool in Your Code, So You Think You Can Dance, Rachel Ray $40 a Day, etc etc) it seems as if there has been a huge decline in showmanship. It’s as if all a host needs these days is a pretty face and the ability to read a cue card, making fast-thinking emcees like Ian Wright an endangered species. Instead of Ian Wrights we just seem to be getting more Ryan Seacrests. When will it end? The best part about Ian’s segments, however, is that he always finds a way to make them hilarious. Whether singing with strangers in the back of a shared taxi in Tehran, or pretending to be a wrestling pro in the borders of Turkmenistan, he always keeps you smiling. The way he eats strange food is, of course, priceless:

In conclusion, you may not have heard of him before, but that does not make his skeetability any less valid. Next time you’re bored, I highly suggest you flip to WETA and get a great glimpse of the world (and a hot piece of well-traveled ass), through your tube.


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