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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


October 31, 2008 at 4:48 pm

Mark Ronson: A Gallery of Hotness

Mark Ronson is just so fucking hot. And it’s not just his sick bod, adorable smile, and unparalleled success in the record industry. He’s got the Midas-Touch, music wise. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind turning into solid gold myself if that’s what it takes to cop a Mark Ron feel. Sure, I could write some witty intro paragraph about his best selling hits, his famous family, and oh yeah, how he likes looking awkward in his music videos, but I’ll just skip straight to the good stuff:

Cute, adorable, wholesome Mark.

Cute, adorable, wholesome Mark.


October 31, 2008 at 1:13 am 2 comments

Look Familiar?

After watching this clip from the Daily Show, I’ve drawn this comparison:

Maybe it was kind of obvious, but this just dawned on me! John McCain is like a real-life version of Austin Power’s Dr. Evil – he’s a sort of cranky, bumbling, clueless old man who’s bent on world domination, and completely out of touch with the modern world because he’s been frozen for 35 years. Okay, maybe John McCain wasn’t frozen for 35 years, in which case, what’s his excuse?! Was he just sequestered in his underground lair this whole time, consulting models and sending his adversaries to a fire chamber, with no knowledge of “computers” and “the internet”?  His continued use of air quotes in an often insulting and derogatory manner (see Daily Show clip) is just another way he’s like Mike Meyer’s caricature of the classic Ian Fleming villain. What’s next? Reuniting with his frozen sperm son and doing the macarena in an effort to convince young voters that he is, in fact, hip? If you imagine John McCain trying to do the macarena, wouldn’t it look just like the scene from Austin Powers? I have a feeling that McCain’s administration probably has plans for a secret “laser” somewhere in their agenda, along with a neverending beef with Communist Russia. Save us, Austin! I mean… save us, Mike Meyers! Or… save us, Jon Stewart! C’mon, someone save us. If we’re not careful, soon he’ll be President Evil.


October 30, 2008 at 12:56 pm 1 comment

Celebrity Sighting: Anthony Bourdain


Photo taken by Roboppy

Yes. It happened. It seems as if my Skeets are vaguely psychic. All that skeeting portends chance happenings of said desire, and frankly I’m not complaining. First Gideon Yago, THEN Anthony Bourdain? Who should be next on the Skeet blog…Marlon Brando?? Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past myself to conjure the dead. 


October 28, 2008 at 7:34 pm 5 comments

Stuff You Should Like: This American Life

First, you must be familiar with the joys of National Public Radio.  NPR specializes in commercial free news and information, funded by government grants, corporate sponsers, and donations from listeners.  From “All Things Considered” to BBC World News, there’s no other place on the airwaves delivering such consistently reliable, trustworthy information.

However, what I really love about NPR, and I mean LOVE, is the program This American Life.  You’re probably familiar with it.  Dorky, squeaky-voiced Ira Glass hosts the show every week, and each week there’s a different theme.  It’s not exactly news, although the stories tend to tie into current events.  One week, the topic is “Summer Camp”, and the typical three acts of the show are comprised of stories of wildly varying stories from kids or grown ups relating their summer camping experiences.  The next week, the theme is “Life After Death”, featuring the story of a kid who half-jokingly taunted the devil, and then had his best friend struck down by lightning.  The next story that week is even less light hearted- an Iraq War veteran suffering PTSD attacks his girlfriend with a knife.  It’s a grab bag of awesomeness that oscillates between being gut-pukingly funny and heart-wrenchingly sad.  A girl talks about how Phil Collins helped her get over a breakup on one show.  On the next, Dermot Mulroney reads an Etgar Keret short story.

I can’t ignore the presence of the This American Life tv show, also hosted by Glass, which is basically the same as the radio program but accompanied by gorgeous cinematography.  However, the power of the voice and the nostalgic effect of radio makes the audio version more dear to me.  The pacing of the show is brilliant.  It takes full advantage of its allotted hour- rich in content, but never feeling rushed.  A song marks each act break, and the stories themselves are often punctuated by music to help set the tone.  The soundtrack ranges from the score of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to the most stunning string arrangements of Led Zeppelin songs I’ve ever heard.

Glass is the perfect host- knowledgable, friendly, and full of curiosity.  While a standard radio voice is like a leather-bound tome, Glass is more like a worn, familiar paperback.  He’s the kind of celebrity you feel as if you could instantly be friends with.  I love those glasses, too.

The best part of all of this?  It’s public radio, so it’s free.  If you don’t have a radio (who does, in 2008?), you can subscribe to the weekly podcast.

October 26, 2008 at 12:52 pm 3 comments

Ian Wright

No, not the famous British soccer player! I’m talking about traveller Ian Wright of the hit show Globe Trekker, from which he has won 3 U.S. Cable Ace Awards for Best Magazine Host, the amused admiration of an entire backpacking generation, and lastly, my eternal and unquenchable love for his universal wit and charm. By far the most interesting of hosts on the show, Ian is the most personable travel host you’ll ever watch. His self-deprecating humor closes cultural gaps with miraculous ease, and his ability to communicate with different people from around the world by just using his hands is an art in itself.

Oh the things his hands could do...


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Lady Product Review: The “Keeper”


The Keeper is a menstrual cup you put in your vagina, in case you didn’t know. Guys can probably stop reading here.

First impressions: I don’t really like the name. I am immediately reminded of Trapper Keeper binders which were notorious for pinching fingers, and for some dubious reason, were banned at my elementary school. Not exactly the image of something I would want lurking around my lady parts… Also somewhat disconcerting? This thing comes in two different sizes, one for women who have given birth vaginally or are over 30, and one for women who haven’t and are under 30. A reminder of the sobering fact that having kids and getting old will mess up your junk. After getting over the unfortunate name of this product, helped in part by the mild-mannered, aesthetically-pleasing packaging (I bought it from Whole Foods), I opened up the box to check it out…. brace yourselves.


October 23, 2008 at 10:38 pm 9 comments

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