Swap Meat

September 19, 2008 at 11:05 pm 1 comment

Okay, so maybe swapping meat isn’t the best idea, what with E. Coli and expiration dates and all (unless you like to spend your weekends in Fire Island, and want to swap that kind of “meat”.) So instead, here’s a better idea that I didn’t even come up with: swapping clothes with your friends!

…Unless you’re friends with this guy…

If you suffer from buyer’s remorse as severely as I do, you know the pain of discarding practically new clothes after wearing them only one or two times, because, it is only after wearing said garment out of the house you realize how it makes your ass look big/thighs look thick/boobs look floppy/genitalia look masculine/etc. And for some reason it’s just not enough to donate your clothes to Salvation Army or Goodwill after you’ve spent your hard-earned money on them. Yeah, you’re helping the less fortunate and, if you’re fiscally adept, getting some kind of tax write-off, but you want to know that you’re poorly chosen goods are being taken care of and living a happy life on someone else’s body. And so, the solution is to trade clothes with your friends! Just because those khaki corduroys were too long for your stumpy, disproportionate legs doesn’t mean they won’t make your friends look like tall, thin, amazing supermodels. Yes, life is unfair, but your clothes shouldn’t have to suffer because of it, stowed forever in the bottom of some Goodwill bargain bin.

It’s a win-win situation: you get rid of all the stuff you don’t wear and clear out some much-needed closet space while your friends go home with a new (to them) wardrobe and you don’t even have to help any poor people! Unless your friends are poor. Um, ew! And it can be a great bonding experience – you never know what someone is made of until you rifle through their most embarrassing and unwanted clothing that was probably purchased in a moment of intense weakness or extreme inebriation (let’s just hope it’s clean.) And who knows, you may become a real life Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (as Olivia exclaimed when it was determined that the same pair of pants fit all of us.)

So, take a tip from me and spend your next birthday doling out free clothes to your friends. It’s like donating to Goodwill, but you don’t have to leave your house!


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  • 1. parkrangerolivia  |  September 20, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Okay you know what. when a pair of pants fits three very different girls, that can only mean one thing: MAGIC. you can refuse to believe if you want, but me and america ferrera will always know the true story.


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