It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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I don’t normally do multiple skeets, but these dudes are just so deliciously intertwined I can’t help but go overboard, thrice. I’d say that’s 9 skeets in all. Though in my book, they’re all 10s. 

Sweet Dees pretty hot, too.

Deandra's pretty hot, too.

Imagine a TV show where the main characters are complete and utter assholes, whom you have no sympathy for…

Except that they’re totally, unquestionably, and sinfully BANGIN’.

Charlie Day , Mac (Rob McElheney), and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia not only star in this not-to-be-missed sitcom, but they write, produce, and fund most of the show. Originally e a story about three actors in LA, it unfortunately coincided with the release of “Entourage”. So they changed it to three dudes who own a bar in Philadelphia. Similar, right? Either way, I can’t be upset. This show is so genius that Danny DeVito came out of retirement just to play Dennis’s dad. That’s pretty hard to do, folks. 

However, my personal favorite is Charlie. Not only is he insanely adorable, but he isn’t afraid to be portrayed as a smelly, illiterate, and pretty spastic excuse for a human being. The best part is that the character he’s in love with on the show hates his guts. Even better is the fact she’s played by his wife.

Check out their awesome ad for the show. You’ll probably watch it over and over just so you can understand what the hell happened. Kind of like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 


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