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September 4, 2008 at 9:33 pm 8 comments

I know this is on everyone’s minds, and I just had to post about it. Since John McCain nominated Sarah Palin as his pick for VP, this lady’s been hard to avoid. I didn’t know who she was until Betty brought her up to me last week, saying, quote, “She’s a monster!” I’ve done a little research since then and found out some disturbing things about the woman who would be “one heartbeat away” from the presidency should John McCain win the election.

But first thing’s first, the elephant in the room: am I going to talk about how her 17-year old daughter is pregnant? Yes, but only to say that the attention being paid to this “scandal” is only hurting liberals, because while yes, I suppose her daughter’s actions are something of a reflection on her, there are way more important things that should concern you about Sarah Palin. Teenagers make mistakes and get pregnant and yada yada yada, but this girl isn’t running for a powerful political office, her mother is, and targeting the teen mom-to-be in the media just makes the Palins into victims, and subsequently heroes and martyrs for so  bravely upholding their pro-life values in the face of such staunch adversity and media frenzy. The teen pregnancy debaucle is just inspiring sympathy for Palin and distracting voters from the real issues and her  qualifications (or lack thereof). Obama is right to say that people’s “children are especially off-limits,” and the politics should be kept to the candidates, their platforms, and their previous records. And personally, I do have a lot to say on the high schooler’s unplanned pregnancy and the shotgun wedding that will follow, but that’s not politics and it doesn’t belong here.

I just read this article from another blog that was incredibly informative, insightful, and refreshingly succinct. In it, a woman from the town in which Palin was mayor lays out her past wheelings and dealings in their local government, and while it’s pretty clear that the author dislikes Palin, she does a good job of presenting the facts without much bias. (Much of what she outlines here can be found in other news articles about Palin, for credibility.) Among Palin’s less-than-noble acts as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska is an incident in which she attempted to fire the town’s librarian after she didn’t comply with Palin’s desire to “ban” certain books (censorship), and the fact that she did succeed in firing just about everyone on the previous mayor’s staff when she came into office (if for no other reason than to install her own staff of cronies.) A born-again Christian, she seems intent on surrounding herself with yes-men and forcing her system of beliefs and morals on everyone in every way. 

In addition to the horrifying record of political behavior laid out in the article, it is known that Palin describes herself as a “hockey mom,” wants to have polar bears removed from the endangered species list, endorses hunting wolves from aircraft (she owns her own float-plane), and only got her first passport within the last two years. She’s a member of the NRA and endorses the hunting and killing of black bears and their cubs (she just wants to hunt and kill everything.) She also belonged to a fringe political group with her husband that called for Alaska to secede from the union. Well, if they’re the kind of people that vote Palin as their governor, maybe they should go. After all, they’d be so much better off without the other 49 states holding them back!

If that face isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is.

So it seems that not only is John McCain old, he is insane and senile. His choice for VP is a woman who was a former Alaskan pageant queen (I swear to God if I hear one more person say, “she’s hot!” I’m gonna start dealing out knuckle sandwiches) whose political experience is being mayor of a town with roughly 9,000 (maximum estimate) and governor of a state with less than 700,000 people. Anyone who was beefing about Obama’s “lack of experience” can pretty much forget about that argument, as Miss Alaska Beauty Queen here has had control of roughly the number of people living in the NYC housing projects. She has no foreign experience, and seems to be power hungry, stubborn, ruthless, narrow-minded and probably guilty of some fairly unethical doings concerning colleagues and staff. Not to mention, intent on destroying the Earth and its wildlife. This woman is anti-abortion but all for chasing wolves down with an airplane until they just collapse and die of exhaustion, then shooting them. I thought McCain was an okay guy, a Republican with some views I disagreed with, but nontheless, an okay guy who was a better alternative to Bush. But now he’s nominated this crazy woman he only met once, with no experience, and what seems like an agenda to reverse social progress (and women’s rights) of the last 50 years, for reasons that have yet to be determined, to be his second-in-command. Maybe McCain was trying to offset his “old man” by picking a “young(ish?) woman” as his running mate, in an effort to get former Hillary supporters. Well I must say, that seems like it would make sense, but really they’ve just ended up with double the crazy and will probably alienate any remotely informed female voter (or, anyone with the ability to Google, which sadly, may not be most Americans.)

And yeah, I know I said I agreed with Obama’s statement that people’s kids are off-limits, but if there is any reason, any single indicator of this woman’s sanity and judgement, just look what she named them. Track and Trig? That was 3rd and 4th period at my high school. Please America, don’t let this domineering crackpot woman get into a position of power and ruin it for the rest of us (as women and Americans.)


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  • 1. parkrangerolivia  |  September 4, 2008 at 10:10 pm


  • 2. Betty  |  September 5, 2008 at 1:41 am

    Every time I start talking about her, I feel my blood pressure rise. No kidding. She’s, like, comically evil. Check this out:

    My favorite tidbit is the fact that she is/was a secessionist. And they question Obama’s patriotism?? Sure, it was in the 1990s, but she’s still accepting campaign contributions from them, and telling them to “keep up the good work”.

    Good write up.

  • 3. alisaurus  |  September 5, 2008 at 8:40 am

    Yeah I just become enraged whenever she is mentioned. I could’ve spent forever writing this post and have to contain myself at the urge to continually go back and edit to add more facts about her utter insanity and incompetence. She’s a rancid old slag who I hope is eaten by black bears that hunt her down with aircraft.

  • 4. neekaps  |  September 8, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Everyone keeps saying that she’s going to attract the Hillary voters, I don’t think that’s true at all.

  • 5. Betty  |  September 9, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    She HAS attracted a depressing amount of conservative white female votes, though. I’m looking forward to the debates. Once McCain is out front again, I’m hoping their campaign will flounder. I’ve been checking gallup numbers compulsively, and their post-convention bounce is giving me heartburn.

  • 6. neekaps  |  September 9, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    I was watching the colbert report, listen to what this horrible woman said about obama, ” what does he actually seek to accomplish AFTER HE’S DONE TURNING BACk THE WATERS AND HEALING THE PLANET.”
    she’s a snake, a direct biblical reference to adam and eve.

  • 7. big brother  |  October 14, 2009 at 12:00 am

    with all due respect, i think sarah palin is a winner, the lady governor knows her craft, She knows what is good for Alaska and she is loved by her constituent. Problem is people judge this lady based on their views, ofcourse you cannot hunt elk or polar bear if you leave in Houston or in Los Angeles, Palin is true Alaskan and she will live and died as Alaskan.

    • 8. parkrangerolivia  |  October 14, 2009 at 8:05 pm

      i’m pretty sure the craft of hunting wild game has nothing to do with being a good administrator when it comes to actual human beings.


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