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“They Want Mama To Make It All Better”

To counteract the festering idiocy of that P. Diddy video in the previous post, I have something pretty inspiring and fiery to share.  If you’ve been following it, you now know that the proposed bail-out was defeated in the House today.  It’s going to be up for another vote in a few days, but not without some serious revisions.  That defeat was thanks in no small part to Representative Marcy Kaptur (Ohio, D).  She represents the district adjacent to my hometown, and is pretty much a hero locally.  She’s known for talking directly with constituents and for being a ferocious warrior for the working classes.  I had the good fortune to meet her in 2004, when my dad filmed her speaking at a citizenship ceremony for newly-minted Americans.  She related to us the story of how she helped a soldier in Iraq get home so he could donate a kidney to his sick brother.  At another point a man came up to thank her for helping their Lake Erie island get rescue boats, and told us about how they were able to save a stranded fisherman a few weeks prior.  Later in the day, she spoke pretty candidly about her feelings on President Bush and the Iraq War.  She’s very smart, outspoken, and strikes me as a true humanitarian.

That’s why, in the wake of all the political and economic panic, it was such a relief to hear someone speak so clearly and passionately-and against her own party’s stated position- about what she felt was right.

As an aside, when they talk about Sarah Palin and the glass ceiling in politics, they really should turn to Representative Kaptur.  SHE is the result and continuation of the feminist movement, and she’s definitely, DEFINITELY worth listening to.


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Vote Or …Don’t

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster for the news media.  Between the proposed plan of spending $700 billion of taxpayer’s money to “fix” the international financial crisis, to every idiotic thing Sarah Palin has said or done, and the drama of the first 2008 Presidential debate, it seemed like even the 24-hour news cycle had trouble keeping up.

Honestly, that’s the trouble with the media.  They’re under so much pressure to be “objective” and “unbiased” and not “lying sacks of shit” that there’s no room for any real analysis of the information they present.  Fortunately, America has one person willing to state the truth: (more…)

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Paul Newman, RIP

What a crappy week! Two celeb RIP’s in a row, and they were actually talented, noteworthy, important celebs, not like those reality-TV stars I am constantly seeing on the subway. The world lost Paul Newman yesterday, at 83 years old, to lung cancer. Damn you, cancer! When will you be satisfied!?

But in all seriousness, this is truly sad. Paul Newman was a real, old-Hollywood star, not to mention a really good, decent, generous human being. Lots of people may not even know him from his screen roles, and identify him primarily as the founder and icon of the “Newman’s Own” line  of products, consisting of salad dressing, microwave popcorn, and many other delicious products with natural and organic ingredients, which have generated millions of dollars that were donated to charities. Paul Newman made the world a better place, and I’m sorry he had to go. I only wish more of today’s celebrities would follow his lead.

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David Foster Wallace, RIP

Beloved essayist David Foster Wallace died September 12, 2008 of a suicide. Writer, journalist, and member of the Dave Eggers/Hyper-conscious writing style krew, David Foster Wallace will be missed by all. Wallace, though a writer for quite some time, got his start when he was commissioned to write a piece on the Maine Lobster Festival. What was supposed to be a short jaunt into the world of lobster eating became a full-fledged novel, “Consider the Lobster”,  dealing with the ethics of boiling lobsters alive. Gourmet magazine wasn’t prepared for this million word treatise, and the book took animal rights by storm. (more…)

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10 Best Rom Coms You’ve Never Seen

I admit it: I love a good RomCom. For those of you not in the know, I’m talking about Romantic Comedies. You know,  movies with sappy endings, vapid and shallow messages, and really degrading female leads. OH WAIT. Those are just the ones everyone seems to make extremely and painfully popular. 

But, there’s still hope. There are actually some really good RomComs out there, with inspiring characters and tasteful storytelling. Here, my friends, I let you in on a secret list of diamonds in the [cheesy and unintelligent] rough. Men, take note! These date movies will probably get you laid.

The Apartment- I’m gonna take it way back here and start with the very first RomCom ever made. When it first came out, audiences weren’t sure what to classify it as. Drama? Romance? Comedy? Little did they know that genius writer/director Billy Wilder was actually tapping into this huge market for a new, broad genre that has the ability to entertain a sweeping spectrum of viewers. Set in old New York, a rising office worker begins renting his apartment out to his superiors. Hijinks ensue. With stars like Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon, you definitely can’t go wrong. 


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Skins, Like, Totally Rulez!!1!

This post is way overdue, and the only reason I finally got a fire behind my ass to write it is because I saw a mention of Skins in New York Magazine, and I feared that if I didn’t publicly declare my love affair with Britain’s best teen show before it became really mainstream and everyone recognized it for how awesome it was, I would look like some kind of pathetic hanger-on/Jonas Brother-loving teenybopper who is just another jerk trying to act like they knew about something before it was cool, when in fact, they only learned about it after reading New York Magazine. This is not the case. Me and the Googly Cru have been into Skins since it’s first, original premiere in February 2007 which we watched forrealsies while we were in Dublin. (Eat it, thirteen-year olds.) Not only was Skins a fucking great original show among a sea of Scrubs re-runs and crappy English soaps, but it was a reason for us all to come together and act like high schoolers in a foreign nation, so far from home.


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Obnoxious Subway Behavior

You know what really G’s my G? People behaving poorly on mass transit. This is clearly a big topic with us Googly-Eyers, as is almost anything relating to the subway. As residents of New York City, each of us rides the subway on a pretty much daily basis, and while we love it for it’s cheapness (relative to the cost of owning a car), environmental friendliness, and all-around convenience, it also subjects riders to being crammed into a small space with a bunch of strangers, some of them smelly and weird. Ah, the double-edged sword of the MTA, how I love you and loathe you all at once! So following here is my cumulative list of obnoxious subway behavior, in an effort to stop it and curb subway rage by creating awareness. If you do any of these things, you know who you are.

1) Leaning against the pole. I think Betty may have mentioned this in another post, and even if she didn’t, she’s been vocal about it on many occasions. The subway is a mode of transportation, not a strip club, and the pole is meant for a hand (or two, if you suffer from vertigo) not your entire skanky body. Even if your body is clean, fragrant and well-dressed, molesting the pole with it keeps other people from holding onto it. If the car is fairly empty, then lean all you want, but when the car is crammed and you’re treating yourself to a backrest whilst your fellow riders go flying at sudden stops, you might be kind of a jerk. So unless you want people’s knuckles and jagged hand jewelry digging into your back flab, save the full body resting for your La-Z-Boy at home.


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