BUST Magazine 15th Anniversary Party

August 15, 2008 at 5:12 pm 1 comment

I was there, and you were not. And frankly, this makes me a little sad.

But anyway, I went to this event at Spiegelworld on Tuesday night, so pardon the late reporting. I had to ask myself, if it’s “old news” can it even be news at all? And myself didn’t have an answer, so I’m posting about it ¬†regardless. This event had a lot of potential, but let me down in several ways:

1) It was not sold out.
This would be good thing, except for the fact that every website and ticket sales outlet affiliated with it said that it was, indeed, sold out. It’s hard to get tickets to an event when everyone and their mother says there aren’t any and the vendor refuses to sell them to you. I ended up going with my boyfriend (God bless him), though this event would’ve been more fun with gal pals or gay friends who weren’t able to come because they thought it was sold out.

2) They didn’t give me a gift bag.
This event advertised free gift bags to the first 500 attendees. I arrived at around 9pm and there were definitely not 500 people there when I showed up, though they said they were all out of gift bags. This made me extremely sad, because they looked like really good gift bags with books and stuff in them. I hold Bust magazine in the highest esteem and would trust them to put great things in a gift bag.

3) Free cupcakes were the size of my thumbnail.
And you only got one, and they were vegan. Hmmm needs more gluten.

4) Drinks were roughly $9-13.
I expected this.

5) The performances were in a tiny room.
It was hard to see Amy Sedaris (the main reason I went!) and the performers. And also, it was on a Tuesday night and I just couldn’t stay until 1:00am to see Morningwood play, as much as I wanted to.

However, I hate to be a Negative Nancy. There were some great things about this party, like the circus theme, the free subscription to Bust included with ticket purchase, professional hula-hoopers, kickin’ jams by JD Samson of Le Tigre (including the all-time Googly fave “Girls & Boys” by Blur), the performance by Leslie Hall (utterly amazing), the venue and its nighttime view of the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course the presence of Ms. Amy Sedaris. By now everyone should be well aware of my obsession with Amy, and while I was really really tempted to grab her when she came in to the party for a picture, I didn’t want to be that person. That person is so annoying and just never knows when enough is enough. But I came upon a new amazing female role model in Leslie Hall, who defies description and comparison. You’ll just have to check out her website.

In closing, my advice to Bust Magazine is this: bring back Leslie Hall, but next time, let’s party on the weekend, and make sure you’ve got enough goodie bags and gluten for all of us.


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  • 1. parkrangerolivia  |  August 16, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    hahaha, that clip was great. “hungry like a camp counselor!”
    I especially love how she puts her hands over her chest at the end.


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