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The Best Music Video You’ve Never Seen (But, In a Way, Already HAVE)

I never really used to like techno or electronica. I remember the day I learned about bit torrents and accidentally downloaded the complete Daft Punk collection, and from that point on it’s been a blur. Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, and Hot Chip are now the backbone of my iPod arsenal, and I’m just glad I made that happy mistake so long ago.

After the success of their club hit “Over and Over”, Hot Chip have consistently come out with new and intriguing videos. I know most people in the UK are sick of them by now, but honestly, a lot of the concepts for these spots take some serious balls. Their new video for “One Pure Thought” is a throwback to the 70s animation of yore, combining old-style rotoscoping with primitive coloring (and a possible geometry nod to The Klaxons’- Golden Skans video?) This music video is so old it’s new, so over-done it’s fresh, and so nostalgic I half expected to see boys running laps in short gym shorts before Michael Jordan made long ones the standard.

View more of their inspiringly unique videos:

Hot Chip- Ready For the Floor

Hot Chip- Boy From School

Hot Chip- Playboy


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The Monster of Montauk

A few days ago this terrifying image started appearing all over the news and gossip blogs, amidst wild speculation. It apparently washed up on the beach in Montauk, and its beak-like face combined with a generally mammalian body inspired all sorts of crazy conspiracies.

More than one source attempted to claim it was a turtle without its shell, which is obviously just a cartoon idea- its spine is a part of its shell. Cynics guessed it was some kind of viral marketing, possibly for a new Cartoon Network show about mythical creatures in the real world. Seems kind of grisly for a network targeting 8 year olds though, no?

Today, however, Jezebel put up a video clip with animal expert Jeff Corwin, who dispels all the myths. He says its likely a racoon or dog whose snout has decayed, the curve of the revealed canine teeth giving the appearance of a beak. The female newscaster clearly didn’t pay attention to his explanation, though, and continues to be mystified. Check it out.

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There hasn’t been much going on around here lately- 75% of the writers are on vacation, and the other 25% are working on outside projects, so there’s been a disturbing lack of new posts.

To tide you over in the meantime, however, here’s a book Olivia spotted while out and about. Remember, it’s never to early to indoctrinate your kids with partisan political viewpoints, even though they are clearly too young to grasp satire!

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I know many of my friends dislike Rihanna, but I think you all should watch this video, which I find quite good.

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The Persistance of Celebrity

I recently stumbled upon this old video of Salvador Dalí as a guest on the game show “What’s My Line?” The premise is that the panel asks questions in a “20 Questions” kind of format in order to figure out the guest’s profession.

What I really love about this clip, though, is that Dalí is one of the greatest geniuses of the past century, with loads of achievements in film and the fine arts. Because of that, he’s an incredibly recognizable celebrity. The entire studio audience, being at least marginally familiar with his work, grasps the scope of his accomplishments, and therefore his affirmative answers are increasingly funny, as it’s almost impossible to pigeonhole him.

I love the differences in television, just in the last fifty years.  The editing and pacing are so much slower, and even the way people talk was different.  No wonder it’s so often romanticized.

I’m not sure whether it’s a commentary on the uniqueness of Dalí, or on the uselessness of our current celebrities, but I can’t imagine an equivalent character on television today. Racking my brain further, I can’t even come up with a public figure who is instantly recognizable simply for being genuinely talented. Television shows take joy in destroying the people they portray, through humiliation or ridicule. I guess it’s simply that pop figures aren’t meant to be respected anymore. Entertainment is meant to elevate the viewer in relation to the subject, and producers repeatedly show the utmost contempt for their viewers by airing increasingly offensive drivel.

In conclusion, Dalí is great, and tv is rotten.  By the way, if someone can name a modern celebrity equivalent- someone who is internationally recognized and loved, I will totally bake you a cake.

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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Harlem Casbah

If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would be, hands down, a plate of fried green tomatoes and a chocolate chip muffin (from the Giant supermarket near my parents’ house, of course). In need of a little excitement in my stomach, I prepared some yesterday in the hopes of rekindling childhood tastes. As I savored them in my Harlem apartment, I could’ve sworn the breeze from my window was Virginian in quality.
Good food does that to you.

Gluten-Free Fried Green Tomatoes

green tomatoes, about 4
rice flour (or you can use regular flour, whichever)
2 eggs, beaten
canola oil

Slice the green tomatoes thinly, about the width of 4 nickels, and season with salt and pepper. Heat some canola oil (do not use olive oil as it has a lower heating temperature) in a pan. Meanwhile, set up a plate of flour, a bowl of the eggs, and a plate with a paper towel on it on the remaining burners of your stove. This will be your frying assembly line.

Clockwise from top: egg mixture, sliced tomatoes, flour tray, pan, and paper-towel plate

Take the seasoned tomato slices, and, working in batches, dip into the egg mixture, followed by the flour. Place into the smoking-hot pan and cook on each side for about 2-3 minutes (depending on how crispy you like them). Place onto the paper-towel plate and drain.

If you are making a large amount, and your pan starts to smoke, turn off the burner. Just dump out the left-over flour from the previous batches, re-oil the pan, and start over. Before your fire alarm goes off, preferably.

Fried green tomatoes with cucumber & red tomato salad (Shirazi Salad)

Wait about 5 minutes before eating them. I know, the wait is unbearable, but your tongue will thank you later. If you are trying the gluten-free version with the rice-flour, the results will be extra crispy, so enjoy them while they’re hot: these babies do NOT keep well.

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Take Deux

Bereal is cereal for love making.

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