Kung Fu Panda: Actually, like, REALLY GOOD

June 26, 2008 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

You know how DreamWorks is usually synonymous with shitty animal movies? coughBeeMoviecough, coughFlushedAwaycough, co-oh hell, ANTZ (aka A Bug’s Life, Cheaper), Over the Hedge, etc.


But during a dry spell of horrible summer flicks, Kung Fu Panda is quite possibly the most enjoyable film of today’s box office (Wall-E comes out tomorrow). With Jack Black’s hilarious representation of Po, an optimistically chubby panda, it is hard to tell just how much was scripted and how much was improvised on Jack’s part (yes, improvised. In an animation.)

Breaking typical Kung-Fu legend conventions, Po’s reverence for Kung-Fu can only be described as “sheer awesomeness”, complete with a collection of kung-fu action figures, yet no knowledge of the art itself. However, on the day the “Dragon Warrior” is picked in order to save the valley from impending doom, Po accidentally is chosen. What ensues is a hilarious battle between the typical finesse of most fighters and the irreparable clumsiness that Po inherently brings to the kung-fu temple.

The film’s suprisingly good animation kept things interesting: transitions to flash-backs were tight and conveyed the story in ways that cartoons only can. The fight scenes were deliciously imaginative, and the script was well paced and amusing in an off-kilter style that can only be described as: If-Homer-Simpson-Were-A-Kung-Fu-Loving-Panda-This-Is-What-It-Would-Look-Like.

Not just a tale of good vs. evil, Kung Fu Panda stresses the age-old self-esteem problems that are usually relegated to Disney Channel Original Movies. The only way Po is able to conquer his fears of inadequacy is to just accept himself (and his body) for what he is.

Click the link below to watch a great clip of the movie, as I think the trailers don’t really do the film justice. And hey, if Jack Black annoys you, at least watch it for David Cross’s notable performance as fellow Kung Fu warrior, “Crane”, and Dustin Hoffman as Po’s master.

Kung Fu Panda Clip


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