OMG Weddings!

June 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm 4 comments

As twenty-something females, I’m certain we’re all dying to get our hair done, our nails done, put on a big foofy white dress, and host an intensely stressful catered affair, while making our loved ones anxious and resentful for months beforehand, right?  Oh, and somewhere in there I guess we’re supposed to be uniting ourselves with the man we love.  That’s pretty much secondary to the foofy dress, though.

Anyway, the best new segment on Current TV is called Target Women, in which the hilarious Sarah Haskins details the ways in which marketing executives think women are completely retarded.  In this episode she does a rundown of shows like Bridezilla (Think “My Super Sweet 16” for people who are DEFINITELY old enough to know better) and Bulging Brides (somehow even more offensive than the title makes it sound).

The best part is Haskins herself, though- she’s funny, self-deprecating, and full of those “SHE SAYS WHAT I THINK!” moments.  Her videos on campaigning for women’s votes and idiotic yogurt commercials are equally awesome.


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