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Pot Psychology


It looks like one of our very own made a special appearance on this week’s Jezebel Pot Psychology! Check me out, as embarrassing and humiliating as it is. Good thing I have no shame whatsoever. 


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Working Out is Work, Right?

As I sit around my boyfriend’s apartment, blogging in my underwear in front of a window with no curtains or blinds, I can’t help but feel a little depressed at being the only one on the team without a job. In fact, it’s possible that I’m the only one who graduated from NYU this month and doesn’t have a job. And not for lack of trying, mind you. I’ve applied to at least three jobs a day and been to dozens of interviews since I graduated on May 17th, but to no avail. My solution to my unparalleled amount of free time and dwindling financial resources? Join the gym. Because, if someone isn’t going to pay me to come out and work, it makes sense that I pay someone else to come and work out. $50 a month, to be exact. (It’s not a bad deal – graduates special! Thanks, Crunch, for catering to my desperate need of a way to fill time!)

I was afraid this might happen – that one day I would graduate from film school, and, gasp! No job! Hey NYU, what was all that talk about “the world is waiting for us”? Now I can only assume the “world” they spoke of was the world of food service, minimum wage retail, and malls, malls, MALLS! Looks like there aren’t hundreds of jobs just waiting to be filled by young 20-somethings who know how to load 16mm film but don’t own their own HD rig. So, I’ve always had a plan B. (By “always” I mean, since about a month ago.) Plan B, for a failed film/TV career, is to join the gym and spend all my free time being unemployed working out and getting ripped. Then, after reading some books on nutrition and anatomy, my muscularity will easily qualify me to be a personal trainer. I got this idea after watching “Work Out” on Bravo. I get all my good ideas from that channel (another, slightly more costly, Plan B is to go to culinary school and cook my way to Top Chef, winning the $100,000.)


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Since its the last of the month, thousands of newly-minted college graduates will no longer be covered by their parents’ health insurance, taking their place among the 50 million other uninsured Americans! Get your last physical today while you’re still insured, and I’ll see you in the OTC aisle at Duane Reade, next flu season.

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City Climber’s Club

City Climber’s Club

I’m going in for my first day of training at 4:30 today, because apparently, I’m working here now. I’m nervous and don’t know what to expect.

Why I wanted to work here:

– to develop different parts of my motor system

– to think creatively under pressure

– to get arm strength

– to get paid 12 to 15 an hour

– to learn how to rig, tie good knots, and belie.

– to have fun

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Summer Reads

These are some books I want to read this summer.

The Art Spirit by Robert Henri


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Sofia Boutella

Recently, on my YouTube playlists, I’ve tagged some choice women’s Nike commercials.

Women’s running, boxing, yoga, all pretty much use the same camera movement and lighting.

They’re all shot on a white cyc. Sometimes the subject is lit with high keys, sometimes low keys (to get those various shades of grey).

Unusual camera movement such as the use of horizontal pans as subject moves vertically i/e normally or a bird’s eye view shot following subject’s movement in an arc disarms the viewer’s normal perspective.

Every subject is female in her late 20s, dark-skinned or ethnic.

I was really drawn to this ad:

Nike Dance featuring Sofia Boutella, French (of Algerian descent) break dancer:

I questioned whether any of her moves were real.

I think they are, check out her mesmerizing demo dance reel.

If Sofia performs in NYC, I’d really want to go see her.

Also watching her dance makes me very interested in seeing Planet B Boy, a break dance documentary that came out earlier this year.

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Michael Cera

Michael Cera plays guitar

Oh man. Michael Cera is possibly the most promising comedic actor today, mainly because he has absolutely no qualms about making a situation as uncomfortable as humanly possible. Whether he’s falling in love with his cousin or warding off the lascivious advances of an inebriated classmate, Cera has turned awkwardness into an art. Since his turn on Arrested Development, Cera has been all over the internet, both with parodies of OTHER internet videos, and with a limited-run show produced with his real-life best friend, Clark Duke. On top of all of that, he’s absolutely adorable. After the runaway success of last summer’s Superbad and indie-hit Juno, he’s booked lead roles in an adaptation of C.D. Payne’s Youth in Revolt, and of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. And, of course, we’re all crossing our fingers for that Arrested Development movie. In the meantime, sate your Cera-lust by checking out his cute indie band, The Long Goodbye.

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